Many a times, you come to a point wherein you need to make a decision. Go with the flow or take a deviation. A deviation could mean an un-trodden path. Or the less popular. Against the grain. Should I, shouldn’t I. Crossroads. If this were not to be a corporate business deal, the choice is often between that of instinct and of a processed response. As in, that between what heart wants and the head says. Which one wins out ?

Depends. Or does it ?

Is it fear ? Fear of being judged by the societal norms ? Or our own manifestations of a self enclosed invisible bubble ? Mental. A manifestation of an insecure mind. Or self imposed house arrest ? Why ? I often ask myself, why? Why do most of us live in this self imposed exile that is at crossroads with the ideal ? The ideal of being yourself. For yourself. Why ?

“What would they think? “ is an oft quoted response. If not, it’s an adherence to tried and tested diplomacy. Works. Yes. Satisfied ? Yes, well … err … depends. Depends ? The heart tugs. Just that little. It stalks you for a moment. A moment later, it’s gone. Forgotten.

How many such moments have we encountered ? Many. Perhaps many every day. What if we responded to such moments ? Instead of letting them pass ? What if we made that against the grain call ? Say it as you see it ? Without the fear of repercussions? To categorize it as “speak the truth” would be a bit harsh. But it is. A truth as it applies to you. Deep within. To that little inner voice which is so longing to come out. Be heard. Share itself. Dare yourself to give it a chance. Give it its moment. Moments.

Dare to be you. Live. Every moment.