We are on earth for a reason. For some, it is all about throwing little torches out to lead people through the dark. The mistakes we make, the failures we experience are teaching opportunities that inevitably make us better people. But then, there are mentors, people who help you to see the hope inside yourself. Darnell Conley,otherwise known as Prosper believes that mentorship opens up a person’s ability to pursue real opportunities, tap into available resources and create a feedback loop that is important in your career progress.

Darnell ‘Prosper’ Conley is an entrepreneur, musician, and actor. He has been in the entertainment business for close to a decade and is using his status of influence to nurture young creatives into realizing their potential in life. He admits that his growth would not have been possible without his support system. These were people who believed in his quest for greatness, professionals who wanted to see him improve his skills and abilities as an entertainer.

At some point in his career, Darnell Conley realized that his progression as a musician staled despite being one of the top performers of his generation. He found out the hard way that learning never stops, an ideology that prompted him to seek a mentor would guide his footsteps. With the mentor’s oversight, he was able to take on career opportunities that he would not have explored. It is during this time that he found out that he was a good actor and business person.

Darnell Conley insists that mentors lend a voice and advice needed for those who need to transverse through their careers. By having several mentors, a person can get a variety of perspectives about social and financial matters. This typically results in a positive cascading effect that makes the mentee feel confident about their decisions. Darnell’ Prosper’ Conley has worked with Markeice Moore, Duane Finley, Nipsey Hussle, Bone Thugs and Harmony and more. These people taught him different acting and singing techniques that he has been using to entice his fans. Some of them imparted him with pro-business insights. He would never trade anything for the knowledge he acquired from them as he is using it to grow his business establishment.

“There is power in mentorship!Mentorship is as important as raising a child- showing them the way, giving them the knowledge so they won’t make the same mistakes that we did”, says Darnell ‘Prosper’ Carnell.