Darren Placid

They say bad days make us understand the true value of what happiness and sunshine is and they say that right. The current situations and trying times the world is facing today is something nobody had ever imagined a year back. But on the brighter side, people realised many things for good and understood how important aspect health is in our lives. More and more people are now seen opting for fitness groups and online training to get nearer their fitness goals and are choosing their health over everything else.

For me, having determination keeps me in control and motivated to continue along the path of achieving my long term goal in life. Without that, I would not be able to push through and keep moving forward when times start to get tough and it’s important to know what gives you that determination to keep going and remember that answer when you are faced with adversity or a challenging situation says Darren.

In life, there is no difficulty, which we cannot overcome when we are really determined. Yet many of us fail in big and small ways because our determination was never strong enough. Determination is very important because it enables us to persist in the face of difficulties. It makes us to march fearlessly ahead with faith until we achieve our goal.

Who is Darren Placid, you ask? Well, this passionate man is a firefighter by day and has 15 years of long experience in the same. However, the world knows him today as one of the top fitness trainers and coaches in London. His love for fitness can be also be attributed to his early outings in athletic sports, where he even completed the London Marathon three times, was awarded the 6th fittest firefighter in the world.

To take people nearer their fitness goals and visions, Darren Placid, with great support from his wife. Gradually, people started noticing more of him and his talents as a fitness coach, where he even got the opportunity to train people online as his stocks increased in the industry.