Creating music as a form of art requires dedication, commitment, patience, and a willingness to fail fast and fail forward – no more or less than any other profession or journey of which your desire is to leave a lasting legacy. 

Not only is it common for creative artists to endure mental and emotional stress, they can often face physical exhaustion. Knowing this, it’s important that creatives prioritize their mental wellbeing so they are able to consistently create from a place of fullness and clear inspiration, rather than overwhelm and depletion.

Dave Childz is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from the Bronx, New York. Born to an African American father and Cuban mother, he was raised in the Gunhill section of the Bronx and was fortunate to have experienced a wealth of different cultures before moving to Pennsylvania later in life.

The commitment to art is a lengthy journey

There is a lot of time, work, and dedication involved in Childz’ commitment to becoming more and more skilled in his art which gives him even more reason to ensure he constantly monitors his health and mental wellbeing. In 2021 he is set to release his next studio album “Welcome To Madness” and has plans to continue releasing a steady stream of singles in the upcoming future. 2021 will also see the summer/fall release of the Welcome To Madness collection for his ATFL merch brand. Dave also has plans to announce his first international tour in 2022.

“Starting my company ATF.L entertainment is my biggest accomplishment because it was the catalyst to a lot of my other accomplishments.  It was a lengthy journey just to get to that starting line, but it was worth it. The millions of streams and supportive fans wouldn’t be possible without that first step.”

The faith you have in yourself will set you free

Having an overwhelming faith in oneself is a concept widely shared and understood, but rarely is it effectively adopted as a beneficial way of living. Our fear of failure and lack of faith in ourselves affects our levels of self-worth, which often ends up with us self-sabotaging our progress through actions that don’t serve our greater purpose. 

“Constructive criticism is good (keyword constructive), but sometimes you have to block out the white noise. An artist is going to hear so many “No’s” before they even start, so they have to make sure they remember to tell themselves “YES”. Learn the business you’re entering and maintain faith in your creative abilities.”

In other words, think of these powerful words as your sword and shield. The words we speak to ourselves can either inspire or destroy our progress.

Be less rigid and more flexible

Life is ever changing, meaning it’s important we stay in tune with the ebbs and flows of life and adapt accordingly. To stay mentally healthy, allowing flexibility means we still get to truly enjoy the fruits of our labor and hard work.

“Life isn’t rigid and you shouldn’t be either. Life is ever changing. I’m not saying to change your life plans every week, but be open to the options that present themselves.  Also, stay observant, so you don’t miss your prospective opportunities.  Sometimes the goal you set is a stepping stone to your calling.” Childz shares. 

Childz develops his own unique sound by infusing his life experiences and eclectic taste in music. He utilizes his melodic hooks and lyrical flows accompanied by energetic, yet soulful production to create a soundtrack to life. 

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