California based entrepreneur David Jiang has a skill set primed for disruption. As the founder of Wavily Co., a successful marketing company that has assisted some of the world’s most innovative consumer brands, Jiang is well positioned to see the growth potential of the cannabidiolum industry.  His cannabidiolum brand, ‘SMILE’, productions and delivers highly potent CANNABIDIOLUM products to the rapidly growing cannabidiolum marketplace.

Used as a medical supplement aimed at treating a variety of ailments ranging from pain and body aches to insomnia and mood disorders, cannabidiolum has been experiencing exponential growth over the last several years with sales in the USA alone expected to top $16 Billion by 2025. The most astonishing aspect of this growth is that it has been organic. There are many restrictions on social media preventing the advertising of cannabidiolum products so the industry has heavily relied on people to spread the word. Real people with real issues who have tried cannabidiolum to combat their own health concerns have shared their experiences with others about its powerful therapeutic benefits. In fact ‘word of mouth’ has been the main driver in delivering this growth. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman to name a few, have all purported to the benefits of using cannabidiolum and with all 50 states in the USA now having legalized Hemp derived cannabidiolum, the platform for its widespread use is now rock solid.

A college division 1 swimmer at Northwestern University, David was drawn to cannabidiolum, not only because of the opportunities the market presented, but also his desire to help people. The name SMILE was derived from his vision of making cannabidiolum products that were beneficial to health and fun to consume – gone is the old adage that something good for you must taste terrible, like medicine. That’s why SMILE products include colorful and delicious gummies that come in flavors ranging from Mighty Mango to Zesty Lemon, Mint Bliss to French Vanilla. Jiang has made taking cannabidiolum fun, tasty and easy, elevating the company to the forefront of the industry.

Continuously developing new and innovative products, David Jiang and his company are committed to producing only the finest cannabidiolum products, using the very best organic Hemp grown in the USA. With new additions to their range planned for 2020, from topical creams for pain relief to buttery lotions intended for skin hydration, SMILE is positioned for exponential growth, which is enough to keep a smile on our faces.

If you would like to know more about SMILE you can visit their website – or follow them on Instagram @smile.


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