The world of marketing is ever-changing, and as social media continues to spread its influence across the world as a whole, the role of the social media influencer has risen in stature.

Let’s peep into the life of 20 year old influencer, David Scher who has been able to turn heads at this young age. Born and hailed in Colonia, New Jersey, this social media influencer owns three different businesses at this young age. His businesses include, Scher Marketing (a marketing agency), Luxsy(a girls online store) and Cozze (a hair product company). Yes, he did all this at his own and apart from that he helps different brands with digital content to help them increase their social reach. We have asked some questions to this successful lad to know more about social media influencing and brand development:

What Keeps You Occupied These Days?

Basically I do digital media content for different brands and companies around the world. That’s my source of income apart from the my own companies. I am also working with different brands and on social media. It could be anything from a Tourism Board to a hotel to a clothing brand to a makeup brand does anything that makes sense for my brand.

What Is Your Go-To Strategy?

I don’t think that there’s a one-size-fits-all for being in the influencer industry. There’s so many different ways to go about it to achieve what you want to achieve. It depends upon the specific industry I am working with and then I device a strategy that goes viral on Instagram and twitter. I help brands to spread the word based on my viral marketing techniques.

What Does Scher Marketing Do?

I never really loved going on press trips because it was kind of unorganized and the people who put on the pressure up they didn’t really understand what a content creator needed and what we really need. We need freedom to be able to create to the best of our ability and Scher Marketing does everything from helping you with your media kit to figuring out how you can monetize your platforms in your business on Instagram and your social media platforms.  At Scher Marketing we are  kind of coaching you and telling you how you should just get started. We provide the direction you should go and what your strengths are and what you should focus on. I mean that’s a very valuable information to have especially when starting out because at the end of the day we all want to be set apart from the rest. We all want to be unique and have our own voice so they do it all I mean they really just know everything about our industry and I’ve really enjoyed working.

Apart form running successful businesses David Scher does marketing for artists and  make sure all their concerts would sell out. He is also making his way big into the stocks too and currently he is shining like a star in a world where is nothing impossible for him.