Dayton Kingery founder of BusyBodies365

Anyone can start an exercise regime.  It can be as simple as wearing a pedometer and aiming for as little as 3,000 steps a day walking around one’s house.  The trick is to start.   Here are a few tips for making that even easier.

1.       15 Minutes a Day
Everyone has 15 minutes per day to spare.  There are 24 hours in every single day.  15 minutes of that is 1.042 percentage of the day. That means that the other 98.958 will be free from working out! 

2.      Mind Games
Do not view the 15-minute workout as “the workout.”  Because then that often becomes the dreaded workout.  If you are feeling tired or not in the mood or subconsciously thinking of an excuse, change your mindset and your voice.  Say to yourself, ‘Just start it. If you want to stop after 5 minutes that’s fine.’ Invariably you will not. You will carry on.  The first step is always the hardest. And in workout cases, literally!

3.      Music
Often a good workout comes down to the choice of music.  The music you select has to pump you up. Do not listen to “best workout hits,” find your own. What works for one will unlikely work for everyone.  It is not a one-size fits all.

4.      Start Slow
Do not take on too much too soon. It is always a mistake to decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle and then go all out for about 3 days only to quit it all as it’s too much and never return to it.  It’s much better to start slow.

5.      Workout with a Friend
If you feel that it will encourage you.  This is a little more challenging with coronavirus but there are plenty of online workouts showing other people that can be just as good.  Or, just have a buddy to check in with.

Getting fit is possible for everyone.  The first step is just literally taking the first step.