Dayton Kingery is the founder of BusyBodies365

In general, those who need to exercise most, ultimately exercise the least.  The people who invest in keeping fit are, well, fit!  Maintenance is crucial obviously but for those who have yet to begin a fitness regime, it is important they take the first step.

During lockdowns starting and/or maintaining a fitness regime has been more challenging than ordinary times for most people.  Some people however, have thrived with their health and wellness goals.  Those who have worried that they will gain weight or not reach their goals due to the difficulties are working even harder to ensure that does not happen, and, as a result, reach even greater milestones.

Some demographics however, have a much harder time during challenging days.  One group that comes to mind in particular is the elderly.  Whereas in the past older people may have gone for a short walk to meet up with friends, these days they are more inclined to stay home as they are in a higher risk category for coronavirus.

Thankfully there are many more virtual classes available that cater to the elderly.  For example the YMCA has done a tremendous job of helping seniors get fit and stay active.   In an attempt to really “be there for our community,” the organization has been offering at-home workouts and other ways for individuals to keep their blood pumping while connecting with others.

Another example is the ElderGym.  This free online resource has been extremely helpful to the older population offering tips and guidance on a range of fitness related subjects including:

·         how to improve balance

·         how to strengthen lower back

·         stretches

·         shoulder exercises

·         leg exercises

·         posture enhancement.

The above is just two examples of the many resources available for the senior demographic.  If you are looking to assist an elderly neighbor/friend/family member, the best thing you can do is help set up their computer to facilitate the process for them and go through it with them until they are comfortable doing it on their own.