Dayton Kingery is the founder of BusyBodies365

Corona.  Lockdown.  Testing. Vaccines.  Social Distancing.  Masks.  2020 has been quite the year.  Everyone is dealing with some difficulty or another connected to the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 has been tremendously challenging. 

But it is not all doom and gloom. Some beautiful things have come out of it.  Relationships have strengthened.  Family ties have gotten stronger (in some cases).  People have been faced with unique opportunities to do good and to help others.  Some have risen to those challenges and given an amazing amount back to their communities and society.

Dayton Kingery has found that setting up a schedule, sticking to a routine, engaging in a fitness regime and preparing nutritious meals has been very helpful during this time.  With his penchant for workouts, his dedication to  holistic healing of himself and others, he has figured out that there really is a fight or flight choice to the pandemic.  It is very easy to fall into the flight choice but much more rewarding to work hard and select the fight one.

First off it is important to recognize potential pitfalls. For example, for some people that is as simple as getting rid of junk food in the house.  Others feel like they need to set timers to remind them to drink water.  Some people feel it is a helpful to make a calendar of workout events.  Others feel inspired by doing zoom workouts. It does not matter what it is but it has to work for the individual.

Second, DO NOT copy what others are doing.  Find what works for you. Some people work better in the mornings.  Others in the evenings.  It’s important to figure that out and then stick to it.

Third, find something enjoyable.  Those who start running but hate it will never stick to it.  Perhaps swimming is more suitable. Or working out on Zoom. Or meeting up with a friend.  It is not important what it is but it has to be the lesser of all evils, even if it is not initially actually fun; that will come later.

Since there is no firm date on when corona related restrictions will be lifted, now more than ever it is vital that steps are taken to “fight” for our health and wellness.