motivation in business

We struggle with challenges every day in our lives, we try to get things right, which we strive to do our best to be successful, and naturally we are experiencing a wear and tear. Many individuals feel that they are sometimes overwhelmed by responsibilities. Do you feel that way sometimes?

I think there are few people who can say no. Unfortunately they’ve been dealt roles in society (mother, father, brother, sister, child, directors, employees, educators…) because a lot of our responsibility has. We fulfill most of them fondly, or we are happy and empowered because we are alive and responsible. In our private life, sometimes hearing a nice word, sometimes a move made by our child (cuteness), sometimes a thank you motivate us every day and sometimes we are angry and sometimes wholeheartedly, we fulfill every task related to our family.

In the workplace, our business awareness, mission, success-oriented approach, and effort to fulfill the task provide our motivation. Although the work is difficult, this motivation removes all obstacles. Of course, there are times when it does not lift, it strains us and turns into stress. As we keep talking about; Any movement, behavior or situation that will force our comfort areas can stress us out.

Despite all this, contrary to what is actually thought, trying to get out of comfort and cope with problems keeps individuals vigorous and allows them to stay in the environment/position. Just like the Japanese shark method .

It is a good example showing how vigorous and strong we are grappling with our problems… Here is the shark method of the Japanese:

As an island community, the Japanese have always loved fresh fish. However, as there is a shortage of fish on the shores of Japan, fishermen have begun to sail to the ocean in larger boats to feed the population.

In the beginning, the farther they went for fishing, the longer it took to return. Since the return took more than a day or two, the freshness of the fish caught was also lost. The Japanese understood the difference of the fish whose freshness was lost and did not like its taste. To solve this problem, fishermen had their boats built with cold storage. Thus, they were able to go as far as they wanted and keep them frozen in the cold storage. However, this time, the Japanese people distinguished between fresh fish and frozen fish, and they did not want to pay a lot of money for these fishes.

Thereupon, the fishermen found the solution to have their boats built a fish aquarium. Although the Japanese people were alive this time, they also felt a difference in the flavor of these fishes. The fish, which travels for days in a still, numb condition, has a very different taste compared to the live, alive and active fish. Finally, the Japanese found a completely different way to bring fresh and delicious fish to the table;

While they kept the fish in their aquariums on the boat, they also threw a small shark into it. Thus, although some of the fish were swallowed by the shark, the rest remained extremely fresh.

Our troubles, the difficulties we face, actually strengthen us contrary to what is thought. It makes our lives more colorful, more active and successful. I suggest you not to forget the shark method in your memory when you are depressed and your motivation is low.

Of course, in the meantime, it is necessary to evaluate the fish that the shark swallows. Hope you are in the part that struggles, not swallowed.