Article written by: Christopher Michael Cooper

Feeling like you do not belong is a common feeling of people who may suffer from what is known as impostor syndrome. So is the feeling of not deserving what you may have earned from accomplishments in life. Impostor syndrome is a feeling of not being important. 70 percent of people suffer from impostor syndrome by estimation and facts. And it is a phenomenon. It can be a self perpetuating cycle that can ruin relationships and even careers. Impostor syndrome can make people have low self esteem and lower’s people’s confidence. Seeking help from a psychologist and being sober will help you feel you suffer from impostor syndrome. Reforming your thoughts and putting them into perspective may as well. If you can learn to value constructive criticism it can help. So hopefully this article can be of importance for those who may be trying to succeed in a career, or maybe to help one to be able to interview better. But any way hopefully this article help’s.