Ram Duriseti

Anxiety and feeling of unease have become quite widespread.  While not exclusively attributable to self-isolation and social distancing, they exacerbate the emotions. Consequently, one aspect of your life that deserves attention in this unique time is your mental health. You can adopt healthy habits and use online resources to tackle stress in these difficult times. While there are many options that you may not be aware of, here are some you can choose from.

Ram Duriseti: Mental health solutions to combat the effects of the pandemic

Create a soothing atmosphere

The pervasive anxiety and uncertainty everywhere around you can easily have an impact on your physical and mental wellness. In this time where most of your time is spent in your home, creating a haven in your home can have a dramatic effect on your emotional state. You can create a stress-free zone in your and even alter décor to increase warmth. Even something as mundane as curtains for your room or hall can soften the ambiance.  The added darkness can, at times, feel extremely calming as well. Studies have also demonstrated that even acts as simple as making your bed regularly and decreasing clutter in the home contribute to a sense of calm, better sleep, and even improved psychometric parameters such as blood pressure and pulse.

Attend a health fair

More than ever before, people need to reach out to health and wellness experts to help manage their physical and mental well-being in these tough times. Nowadays, many companies and public entities organize online health fairs, where you can meet professionals and learn how to attain physical and mental balance in your life.

Sleep well

Most experts in the field of stress management and wellness obviously suggest that people get sufficient sleep. As much as possible, your sleep should be undisturbed for a period of time. When your body is at rest, it heals and repairs itself.  Whenever possible, keeping your room cool improves sleep.  Even a simple fan can facilitate this while also providing white noise.  There are several measures in the realm of “sleep-related digital hygiene”.  Ram Duriseti tries to make a habit of turning off electronics 2 hours before bed and placing his phone some distance away from the bed to avoid the temptation to glance at the phone in periods of wakefulness. Outside of temperature regulation, other physical elements may help to induce comfortable sleeping. For example, you can buy a good quality blanket made with breathable fabric that provides better temperature control

Seek life coaching

The pandemic may have added to the problems in the world but the fact is that stress and anxiety have always been a reality for people. Right now, these problems have increased more as those near and dear to us are now isolated and not so easily accessible to us. In times like these, you can feel restless or lonely. If you do need support, you can turn to online platforms where experts discuss your problems and offer suggestions to help you feel better. You can search for such platforms only and experiment with them.

It is essential to remember that your overall wellness depends on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Stress and anxiety can create unpleasant feelings which can increase fatigue, affect your sleep, and even impact your immune system. Managing your emotional health will also improve your physical health and physical resilience.