It’s been months that we are stuck in the coronavirus lockdown. And, there seems no end to this crisis. Although, we have changed our lifestyles accordingly, and some positive changes can be witnessed as well.

We are focusing more on our eating habits and spending more time with our families. Like a coin has two sides, this pandemic has two sides as well. The worst is that this situation has created stress amongst people. Some have lost their jobs and while others are repenting over their lost jobs.

Everyone is dealing with one or other concerns in their own way. Let’s make this pandemic phase better, as we follow a few tips we should follow to deal with the lockdown stress.

Relaxing Mind

Meditation is a must in this situation! We have to follow a regular meditation routine to relax our minds. Many of us are taking care of our physical health, but this phase is also about managing mental wellness. Meditation can help us to cope up with this situation. Start with a 10 minutes mediation session and increase the time after a few days. It will definitely help! Listen to some soothing music while meditating to concentrate better.

Eating Right

People are still hesitating to eat outside. But it doesn’t mean that we have to cook unhealthy food at home. Eating unhealthy even if it is cooked at home is not recommended. This is one of the reasons why most of us are putting on excessive weight – which ultimately increases our stress levels. Hence, cook healthy, eat right, and stay fit.

Working Out Daily

Visiting a gym or going out for a run or workout is still not recommended. Thanks to the COVID-19 that we all have to find ways to workout inside our homes. There are many exercises which we can easily do in our places. We can also practice yoga regularly. This will also maintain our fitness.

Increased weight leads to stress which will ultimately affect our mental health. We can check various exercises online that can be practiced at home, without much hassle and special equipment.

Spending Quality Time

As we cannot hang out with friends during the lockdown, we should try to spend more time with our family members. Playing indoor games with them, cooking together, or even doing household activities can help us in maintaining our calm.

Switch To Comedy Shows or Films

Rather than watching the news all the time or negative news, to be precise, it’s better we watch comedy shows or entertaining films to maintain the calm. We are already stressed in this situation,

so there is no point in watching something stressful. It’s better to lighten our mood and create a positive atmosphere around us.

Start Reading More

Reading is always a good idea. We can buy some good books or we can even read some good online blogs like ​Pick and Brew to learn more about new topics. It will increase our knowledge and also be a good hobby to start with.

Learn Something New

Instead of sitting ideally and doing nothing, we can start learning something new. It can be a new online course or a new hobby. There are various courses available online we can learn from. We can even select a new hobby like cooking, painting, writing, and so on. Anything which we always wanted to do, but due to busy schedules we could not start it. It’s the right time to start.

Be Positive

We need to be as positive as we can. We have to think right and positive to remain stress-free. We have to think that this time will pass. We are not going to live in this situation forever. Though it will take time, we will live normal lives once again.

Stay Connected

Nowadays, it is quite easy to stay connected with our friends through video calls, phone calls, or social media apps. We need to keep talking and discussing our problems with them. Talking always helps instead of keeping everything in our mind, it’s better to discuss it more.

Positive Approach Towards Others

One thing we need to remember is that we are not only stuck inside and have stress issues. Others are also dealing with the same thing. So we need to understand the problems of others as well, and instead of picking up a fight on small issues, we need to have a positive approach towards them.

Work From Home

Many of us have lost our job due to the coronavirus pandemic, but instead of crying over it, we can explore various options of earning. We can do freelancing and can work from home and keep ourselves busy. We can also express our thoughts with the whole world through blogs like Pick and Brew, or start our YouTube channel. Instead of​​stressing about the situation, it’s better to find out earning options online.

Start Writing

The best way to express ourselves is to write what we feel. We need not be professional writers to start writing. We can start writing a novel, a diary, or a journal. We just need to pen down our feelings or emotions and it is also very beneficial for living a stress-free life.

Relaxation Is Important

Keeping ourselves busy does not mean we have to get exhausted. We should give proper time to the rest as well. Getting a good sleep of 8 hours is a must. Music is also one of the best therapies for a relaxed life. Sitting in the balcony, music on, and with a coffee or tea is super relaxing.

Being positive is the key to happiness and stress will destroy our mental health. We need to stay happy to remain stress-free no matter what the situation is.