Dealing with the stress of trying to conceive

Hard Wired for Pro-Creation

Because of the trappings of modern living, some couples opt to limit the number of kids they have, while some opt to put it off for a while. There are even a few who opt not to have them altogether.

However, at one point most couples will make a conscious decision to have kids. To most, conception is as natural as falling off a log, and it goes off without a hitch. To an unfortunate few, however, conception does not come easily, and they need to work at it.

When Conception is a Problem

Problems with conception are no trivial matter. In many countries, physical male impotence is legally considered valid grounds for marriage annulment.

To many women, if not most of them, the ability to bear children is what makes them women. For others the yearning to be mothers is what inspires them and even what keeps them alive.

For men, “perpetuating the line” is the ultimate symbol of their virility and masculinity, and to not have kids is to live in shame.

The good news is that modern science provides all kinds of options to solve or to work around fertility problems.

The treatments can and do take time and several years of these treatments is not out of the question.

They often also cost quite a bit. In the meantime, the couple can be subjected to immeasurable stress and pressure.

How to Deal with the Stress

One of the most common things that happen when conception is a problem is that it takes a lot of the fun out of intimacy, if not all of it.

Sex becomes a task, a means to an end, and each intimate encounter becomes pressure packed. The sad part is that the stress that comes with difficulties conceiving then adds to those difficulties.

The good news is that many methods have been isolated, tested and proven to alleviate stress, as well as enhance fertility. One of which is healthy physical activity on a regular basis.

It is not only essential to your overall physical health. It can be essential to your mental health as well, and in turn, aid you during your struggle with infertility.

Stress Relief from Exercise

Among the various forms of exercise available, some have more effective than others at reducing the stress associated with conception.

Often stretching movements can be more effective than hard and fast muscle activity. Pilates is a method that involves using small movements to improve core muscle strength, tone and flexibility. It also improves spinal and pelvic alignment.

As with most forms of exercise, Pilates releases endorphins which in turn reduces stress.

Tai Chi is another effective stress reliever. The deep breathing and low impact exercises do wonders for muscle tone and circulation. In turn this can significantly reduce stress. Another great thing about these