Dear 2020,
Your sojourn amidst linear reality has left us altered. What was once recognizable, experienced through a comfortable state of perceived reality, has opened gateways into unchartered territory of our emotional landscaping.There is a perfection to chaos which not even you can undermine.This place we call home, this kingdom we have yet to encounter is everlasting. 2020 is but a moment in this vast experience of rebirth, a glimpse into a communal soul that awaits each one of us as we walk this path.
We have learned much from you; a grace only to be mirrored by those angels in heaven.
You have taught us to adapt, to struggle well, to surrender more, to pray incessantly.The commonality of loss, grief, fear, shame; the plethora of emotions we still have yet to dance with, has indeed made life’s melody more interesting.You thought you would separate us but you didn’t.In fact, I want to ask you to accompany us, not as the year of darkness, but as the year of hope.A year even perhaps of triumph, one that has given us all an understanding of mercy we never held before.Mercy toward ourselves and one another.