Internet of Things

Now that the Internet of Things is starting to become a major aspect of daily living, more and more app developers are looking to assist businesses that wish to get on board. However, some of these businesses opt against the assistance of app developers, believing that they do not need access to the IoT.

There are a wide range of myths that surround the Internet of Things. These myths keep businesses from contacting app developers for further assistance. On the other hand, there are other businesses that make mistakes after app developers have been hired because they are not aware of some simple realities.

In order to learn more about the myths that keep app developers from being able to assist businesses who are looking to get the most out of the IoT, be sure to consult the following guide:

Every Single Device Works In Unison

This is essentially impossible but this fact does not keep businesses from dreaming. The devices must be purchased from the same vendor in order for them to work together. Any business that is unaware of this reality is going to have a rude awakening down the line.

If the devices support the same protocols, they can also be used together. This is not standard operating procedure, though. Before meeting with app developers, a business must make sure that they have a strong level of understanding in this regard.

No IoT Standards Are On The Verge of Existing

On the contrary, there are a wide range of standards that are currently in the works. Most businesses are blissfully unaware of the fact that there are existing standards as well. Many of the standards that currently exist have been built on the back of preexisting standards.

While there is no single standard that can be pointed to as an overarching principle, that does not mean that there are no standards to consider at all. This is an erroneous point of view that will cause no shortage of issues to occur during the app development process.

Sensors Are All That Matters

Sure, these devices do rely on sensors but the idea that sensors alone are controlling them is the furthest thing from the truth. A wide range of sensors are found on these devices but they are only responsible for providing one source of information to the users.

Meanwhile, there are also devices that can be controlled remotely. In turn, these devices can have a surprising affect on their overall environment. If these devices are not properly maintained and supported, they are not able to communicate with their hosts and this is obviously very problematic.

Big Data Is Everything

There are some businesses that miss out on the benefits of app developers because they believe IoT devices are simply designed to capture data. Big data is going to play a major role for any company going forward but it is certainly not the be all end all in any instance.

The data that is extracted is offered to companies so that they can make the necessary changes. It is not all about advertisement. A vendor may require usage of this information but no device that is linked to the Internet of Things comes with such a requirement by itself.

There’s No Security

This is one of the biggest lies that has been allowed to circulate when it comes to the Internet of Things. Security is always going to be tricky but no less than it would be with any other device of this nature.

Security standards are in the process of being created and this will be a game changer. These devices can be attacked from remote locations but with the advent of security support that is hardware based, this is not as much of an issue as IoT newbies would expect it to be.

Zero Reliability

The proper developers are needed when creating apps that are designed to utilize the Internet of Things. These environments and devices can experience unreliability but these types of issues tend to be directly related to improper implementation and deployment practices.

Unsafe maintenance practices are also linked to unreliability. If security breaches and other bugs are not being addressed by experienced developers in a timely manner, this can cause the device to lose its reliability. As with anything else, a business will get what they pay for.

Severe Lack of User Privacy

While privacy and security are believed to go hand in hand, they are actually completely different concepts at least when it comes to devices connected to the IoT. Privacy is an organizational philosophy and a business that is using the Internet of Things will need to make sure that they are taking the right steps to safeguard themselves.

Encryption and password protection are common defenses. A user that is utilizing a control device to operate IoT devices must also make these considerations when they are utilizing their smartphone. The security concerns that are associated with IoT devices are not the same as the privacy concerns associated with control devices.

The Internet of Things may seem like a new development to some businesses but the best app developers have already been assisting their more forward thinking clients. Any business that does not educate themselves on the myths that surround the IoT are placing themselves in a more difficult position going forward. The IoT is here to stay and continuing education is key.