covid 19

Originating from Wuhan, China, the novel coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the whole world. The number of deaths being caused by COVID-19 is increasing each day and currently, the death toll has exceeded 200,000. Many are in critical condition as well. The statistics are scary and we need to take proper precautions to slow down the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19 diseases. 

With an increasing number of casualties and people being infected all across the globe, several myths are also circulating regarding the pandemic. The availability of false information is letting many people behave in certain ways that are potentially harmful, especially in the current scenario. Beliving these myths can lead to endangering your own life as well as putting others’ safety at risk. Therefore, it is important to take the seriousness of this global issue into consideration and refer to reliable sources for authentic information.

Follow the precautions suggested by the World Health Organization and stay protected. Here is the truth behind the most common myths about Covid-19. 

Myth #1: COVID-19 is Just Like Another Flu

Many people consider COVID-19 just like other forms of flu. Although, it is a respiratory illness like flu, yet it’s different. The virus binds itself to the body’s receptor cells in the airway’s lower parts that often result in dry cough, accompanied by fatigue and fever.

You might already know that COVID-19 does not cause running nose which is commonly associated with the common cold. Likewise, muscle ache is a common influenza symptom.

As per WHO, the mortality rate makes the Coronavirus stand out. Considering the current stats, the mortality rate is 3-4 percent. This is much higher as compared to the mortality rate of flu which is about 0.1 percent.  Thus, the threat is real. It is not just common flu and can really be life-threatening if the condition gets worse. Therefore it is better to take preventive measures n keep yourselves safe.

As per the CDC, wearing face masks to avoid catching infections is critically important when you are out in public and unable to maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance. Wearing masks will slow down the spread of infection. Anyone can be the carrier, so it’s better to wear masks in order to stay protected and avoid spreading infection. 

Myth #2: COVID-19 Affects the Elderly People Only

You might have heard people saying that this is the disease for old people. Well, it is not! 

The people with weak immune systems and old age are more prone to catching the infection, but the young ones are not safe either. 

Although many of the people who contracted the virus developed just mild symptoms, the condition of some patients got worse and they were hospitalized immediately. According to WHO, about 14 percent of people got seriously ill and 5 percent were sent to the intensive care unit for the best medical care. 

As per the data from the CDC, among 2500 COVID-19 patients in the United States, 29 percent were 22-44 years of age. The young people aren’t supposed to be severely affected by the disease, yet many are being caught and are given extra medical care. 

As per the experts, possible reasons for the young generation to catching the disease are: they are stressed, have poor lifestyles, and don’t sleep well. All these factors combine to weaken their immunity, making them susceptible to COVID-19. 

Therefore, no matter what your age is, taking precautions is imperative. It’s better for you to wear masks while going out in public places. 

Myth #3:  Nothing but a Vaccine Can Rescue the World 

Let’s be realistic. Unless a miracle happens, it’s going to take at least 8-12 months for developing an effective vaccine. Time is needed for testing the effectiveness of different options. We cannot be certain what can pull us out of this trouble. In addition to striving for the vaccine, it is essentially important to focus on medication that can potentially cure the painful symptoms caused by the coronavirus. Efforts are being made to provide the best possible treatment to those in need. 

Meanwhile, it is wise to take preventive measures advised by the CDC and WHO. You can’t just wait for the vaccine to rescue the world. It’s every individual’s responsibility to take precautions for avoiding the spread of the virus.

Make sure you follow the guidelines provided by the authorities to keep your self and the people around you safe and sound. 

Myth #4: The SARS-CoV-2 is Manmade

Each day comes with a new conspiracy regarding the origin of coronavirus. Many people do think that it is manmade, created to be used as a biological weapon. Well, the coronavirus is not something new.  Some of the viruses belonging to the same family had caused serious diseases known as MERS and SARS in recent years. 

Although it is shocking for the entire world that we are not able to fight the virus despite the availability of advanced technologies and medical treatments. Turns out, humans cannot control every biological being. 

There is no solid foundation behind these conspiracy theories.  Most of them are based on misinformation. Therefore, instead of paying attention to such false information available, it is better to stick to authentic information sources. 

Myth #5: The Authorities are Hiding Information

The pandemic has left everyone astonished as nobody had the idea that we could be subjected to such viral infection on a massive scale. People across the globe are trying to fight the disease. Amid the chaos created, it is important to trust the information provided by the scientists and government officials. Many people are of the view that their government is hiding the right information from them. This mistrust if prolongs, can really cause trouble. 

Many people believe that media is creating hype for tanking the economy for political interests. Such kind of rumors can encourage people to neglect the seriousness of the issue, which will worsen the outcomes.

In order to minimize the impact of COVID-19 and flatten the curve, we need to make collective efforts. Every individual is supposed to follow the guidelines provided by authorities for staying safe. 

How to Protect Yourself

In the chaotic situation caused by the virus, the best thing one can do is following experts’ advice. Don’t pay heed to myths and rumors. No matter what the origin of the virus is, the threat is severe and we all need to take special care to keep ourselves safe.

Along with following the basic measures like washing hands frequently, using sanitizers, wearing masks in public, and maintaining social distance, it is also important to strengthen your immunity for fighting the potentially harmful symptoms of COVID-19.

It is high time to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Improve your diet, engage yourself in some physical exercise, and take proper sleep. The healthier you are, the better are your chances of avoiding infectious diseases. 

Bottom Line

There are several myths regarding coronavirus which are contributing to making people negligent of the dire consequences that we may have if proper care is not taken. Right now, all we need to do is take preventive measures and avoid going to crowded places unnecessarily. Stay safe, cover your face while going out, and help others stay protected!