There are so many incredible and worthy charities to give your time and money to that it can often be challenging to choose which one is right for you. Since everyone has limited resources, it’s necessary to narrow it down; here are some suggestions for choosing the right charity for your philanthropic endeavors.

Choose something you’re passionate about.

The most important part of choosing the appropriate charity for you is picking a cause you’re passionate about. If you don’t connect with the work the organization is doing, it may be harder for you to be invested in their efforts; consider choosing a cause that is linked to your own life experiences or one that supports work in an area you understand well. Remember to consider local charities that may need help if you’re looking for an impact that you can see. They often lack the resources to do fundraising and marketing campaigns, so your contributions may be doubly appreciated.

Do your research.

After you decide which cause you want to support, it’s vital to research the different charities operating to support that cause so that you can pick one which is using their money in a way you agree with. Sites like allow you to look up different charities and find out how they are spending their money and how effective they are at achieving their goals.

Engage with the charity.

Once you’ve narrowed down which charities you might want to donate to, you can engage with the inner workings of the organizations. Most charities will take you on a tour of their facilities, if you ask, and provide detailed information about how everything works. If the charity has a local office, consider volunteering; even if you don’t have a lot of disposable income, organizations usually have some way that you can help.

Donating and working with a charity can be a meaningful, fulfilling experience for many people. If you choose a cause, you love and an organization that uses its funds responsibly and transparently, you can have a measurable impact on the world around you and know that you have made a positive change to the world.

Originally published on Robert Cenko’s website.