Recently I had a chance to revisit decision-making when done in the context of thinking about your organization as a living system. Living systems behave differently and therefore, require us to reflect on the decision-making models we traditionally use. In nature, context is a constant companion and as such needs to be considered when we make decisions in our teams, organizations, and communities. I offer this model as a practical tool to aid individuals who want to apply a living systems framework, to decision-making in their organizations.

I’ve included the tool below, and feel free to also download the Decision-Making Matrix framework here.

Living system dynamics include these characteristics:

1. A system of interdependence and networks
2. Become more diverse as they evolve
3. Is in constant movement
4. Evolves with information and feedback
6. Can’t be controlled, only attracted, or nudged
7. Only supports solutions that help to create
8. Only pays attention to what matters here and now

Source: Allen, K. E. (2019) Leading from the Roots: Nature Inspired Leadership Lessons for Today’s World.