During this fast moving and sensitive time, employee engagement has become critical. With businesses beginning to re-open their offices and continuing to support remote work, the question has been raised around how to avoid a loss of productivity and focus.

With that in mind, MCG Partners is hosting a free webinar, Decoding the Employee Experience on July 22nd at 11:00AM ET to discuss how we’ve worked with our clients to address these scenarios and more.

Maybe you are looking to measure engagement for the first time or find a new way to evaluate your team’s morale after weeks of change and uncertainty. Imagine having a roadmap for the engagement strengths and blindspots within your organization AND prescriptive actions you can take specific to your teams and people.

In this free session, you and other participants will:

  • Become familiar with The Predictive Index’s scientifically validated Employee Experience Survey
  • Decode the work environment pressures that impact individual engagement
  • Identify the critical factors in your organization that can have an immediate impact on engagement levels
  • Plan your long term engagement strategy by a comprehensive strengths and blind spots analysis

To register for this free webinar click here.