Becoming successful in achieving your goals is not an easy task. Dedication and focus are necessary to achieve goals in your life. Without proper focus and dedication on that goal, you cannot be able to achieve it. When we set new goals for ourselves, we are usually full of motivation. In the beginning, we feel like we can achieve anything. We are not afraid to dream big and believe in our dreams. We feel like everything is possible, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve our goal.

Even if you are not successful at once, let not failures deter you. If you face failures, then also you should continue with your hard work and stay focused. The more you will continue with your hard work, the lesser you will find that work gruelling. This will lead to an increase in your level of dedication and ultimately you will then find success.

To achieve something big in life requires immense dedication and patience. These are some of the qualities that we can easily see in successful entrepreneurs. One such new name that has recently appeared in the market is Ibtehaj Hassan aka “Lolibtehaj”.

After years of upheaval hard work and perseverance, Ibtehaj Hassan has created an empire of his own which is slowly spreading throughout the country. From the beginning, his plan was very simple. His own business and till he owned the company Automated Ventures, he did not ask for help from anyone. He also automatically created his marketing team in which to provide his true profits to the customers associated with his business. According to Ibtehaj Hassan a businessman is very calculative while an entrepreneur is very comfortable.

Ibtehaj Hassan’s company has made excellent profits in no time, but its main focus has always been on employees, customers and the public. This is the second quality of every successful entrepreneur. When you have a dedicated team that works with the right strategy towards organizational goals, the company generates profit.

Ibtehaj Hassan’s company started when he succeeded in the restaurant, he then decided to take a risk and start a company of his own. Taking calculated risks after a stir in its favor, Ibtehaj Hassan built Automated Ventures and integrating all of its team, Ibtehaj Hassan has been helping many brands and institutions build a strong profile in their business.

During the lockdown following the coronavirus epidemic, he made a video viral with his mother on social media to entertain people, his videos also include his family and friends. Followers of Ibtehaj Hassan see the love between the son and the mother through a shocking video that will give you a smile and a laugh. His followers have become obsessed with his mother’s simple jokes.