Whether we accept it or not, the pandemic has made all of us a little paranoid. Whether it’s handwashing or staying away from others, we’ve all taken extraordinary steps to make sure that we stay safe from the deadly virus that has taken the lives of millions worldwide.

If you’re like me (or my friends), chances are there have been instances when you felt feverish and thought you may have caught the virus after a quick trip to the grocery store or bank. In addition, any instance when you experience difficulty in breathing instantly sends you to a panic and leaves you feeling generally unwell. On top of the paranoia, we are feeling generally stressed.  While guesting on Jay Sean’s YouTube series, Basement Banter, renowned alternative medicine advocate, Deepak Chopra, says he starts his day with two hours of meditation and yoga to keep himself stress free.  

Thara Natalie, who is a health coach, yogi and Karuna Reiki Master and her husband, Jay Sean, discuss some of the most interesting topics related to mindfulness and health–not just physical but mental as well. 

As a mother of two, Thara shares how much her meditation practice has had to shift after having children.  Starting her morning with yoga and meditation is no longer as realistic as it used to be prior to children.  This is often something she feels guilty about knowing the benefits of morning meditation.  Chopra chimes in with the beautiful reminder that the best form of meditation when you have small children is quite simply…play.  Sean notes, “We forget to play as we get older, don’t we?”  According to Chopra, we allow things like money, hard work, driving ambition and exacting plans to bamboozle us, missing out on the real moments of life.  

From the beneficial effects of yoga and meditation, to sleep, karma, and just about everything in between, the very lively exchange between the three individuals show just how much each of them are open to learning from one another.

No one can deny that the learnings one can get from it are still very much relevant today. Stress less, play more and don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the rat race of life.  

To watch the entire video here and to learn more about Thara and her Spirit Warrior Nation visit https://spiritwarriornation.com/