“ It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

This quote holds good when it comes to our renowned Life Strategist and Leadership Expert, Mr Munish Maya. Munish Maya is not just a name now it’s a brand. Munish has never waited for opportunities to come his way, he went out and created his own opportunities by his unfathomable attitude and dedication. He has never settled in life and has always believed in moving forward and living a purpose-driven life. He is a self-made entrepreneur, Business & Life Strategist, Influencer, Leadership Expert, Success & Mindset Coach and an inspiring Motivational Speaker. Munish has achieved all this in such an early age and that too on his own.

He has always talked about the importance of having clarity in one’s life when it comes to their purpose. A purpose-driven life is in the real sense a life full of happiness and satisfaction. We should have the courage in us to choose, and then embrace the changes that follow that decision.

Since the beginning of his career, Munish has been helping individuals and organizations in escalating their personal and business success, in the market. He has been doing so with the help of his lectures, workshops and audiobooks, which are easily accessible and available to common people too. Munish’s aim is to help people to overcome obstacles and live their life powerfully so that they could become the Best Version of themselves.

Talking about his accomplishments, one must know that Munish Maya is the 1st Indian Global Brand Ambassador to be honoured from India. Professionally, to date, Munish has done over 500+ Collaborations with well know and promising brands and organizations. He has been empowering a thriving community of over 1 million + people globally, through his social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. His audiobooks, educating programs, seminars and transformation strategies have proven such a huge success as many people have benefitted from them so much.

When it comes to success and inspiration, Munish has a really unique perspective towards it. He says, “Success has no deadline, nor it is defined by someone’s age or gender. Success is something that you have to define for yourself, and no one can do it for you.” He further shares that today, this simple yet highly effective life-mantras has to lead him through successful ventures in all the areas of his life, whether it’s working with big organisations, launching multiple businesses or consulting celebrities and individuals.

Munish Maya holds a striking experience of 10 years in this business industry and he says that ” Understanding success on your terms doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, and many acts of courage, to uncover the deeper quest at the core of your heart to define your success journey. Take small steps and scale. Whether you’re building a profitable business, writing a book or learning a skill. Mentors and role models can also serve as great sources of inspiration. So, never be shy to open up and seek help from them if needed.