Life is a notion of difficult definition. We can say that it is about the existence, the activity of an organic being or the ability to be born, develop, reproduce and die. Social , on the other hand, is what is linked to society : a community of individuals that share a common culture or interests.

Social life
These concepts allow us to get closer to the idea of social life , which is usually defined by opposition to private life . In this sense, we can affirm that social life encompasses the activities that take place in the public or community sphere , while private life includes what is lived inside the home or within the family.

Another way of understanding social life is linking it to the actions that a human being carries out in contact with other people . This reveals that all individuals have, to a greater or lesser extent, a social life, since there is no person who can live in absolute solitude and without interacting with the environment.

However, we can not forget the existence of what is known as a hermit. It is a person who makes the decision freely to live alone in a place that is absolutely uninhabited, in order to carry out an existence completely dedicated to what prayer or meditation, above all. That is to say, it comes to put aside completely what is social life.

It is important to establish that, as a general rule, eremitism is related to religion. And it is the same in people who are Christian, Buddhist, Sufi and even Hindu.

Social life involves communication between the subject and his peers. The relationship between people is governed by diverse codes and norms that minimize the conflict and make possible that there is harmony in this social life.

It can be said that a person who usually attends parties and meetings often has an intense social life. This tendency to participate in these events makes it interact with numerous individuals, developing different kinds of relationships.

The extroverted, friendly and nice people are more easily able to develop their social lives than those who are introverted, shy and laconic. In general, active social life is associated with a full and healthy life.

There are people who, in a colloquial way, say that they do not have social life because their day to day passes between what is work and home. In that case, it is recommended that in order to enjoy what they should do, they should follow advice such as these:

  • You must be receptive to receive invitations to certain acts and activities.
    -It is relevant, in the same way, not to be afraid of the rejection of other individuals.
    -A great way to promote social life is to join reading clubs, associations, dance classes, cooking workshops, hiking associations … In this way, you will be in contact with other people and that will facilitate the participation in plans, in forging friendships …
  • Knowing how to listen and be tolerant are fundamental characteristics that must be possessed in order to have a social life.
    -To have a predisposition to meet new people and to enjoy other experiences will also help in the aforementioned objective.