Anyone who has ever run a business knows the stress and responsibility that comes along with being the boss; late nights, early mornings, maintaining and building client relationships, employee success/happiness, the list goes on and on. Now sprinkle in a little pandemic, and well. Pivot, reposition, rebrand, reinvent; so many questions with very few answers. But some entrepreneurs have found a way to thrive, pun intended,
Dennis Herrera, founder of hybrid private equity firm NuDay Capital, like many entrepreneurs, found himself in the very unfortunate position of expanding his business right as Covid 19 touched down in the US. Herrera, however, did not allow the changing landscape to throw him off track. Instead, this triathlon competitor and lifetime meditation practitioner channeled his inner warrior and used the challenges and evolving atmosphere to launch deeper into his practices and used his move down to Miami to connect even more deeply with his latin roots.

Since the transition, Herrera set out to expand his mind as well as his business. His latest biz, The Biotech Game is a video series, teaching ordinary individuals how to invest. He helps users understand the world of biotech/life sciences, investing, and how to get started He hopes to encourage more people to get involved in the world of investing.
So, where is the first place people should invest? Herrera says this is an easy one: in themselves. Here are just a few of his tips and tricks for staying focused while creating the life of your dreams.

Effort and Ease
Life and business are a combination of these two ideas. You need to put in the effort and work hard, but never force it. In the gym, you’ll pull a muscle which can take you out of the game. In life, you may physically or mentally burn out which would take you out.. That is why Herrera likes to use a combination of triathlon training and yoga/meditation to condition himself both mentally and physically.“

“When I lift, I get to push my body. Yoga teaches you to go with the flow. Together they teach you to differentiate the types of situations and apply accordingly. The progressions and flow show you how ideas build. To get where you want to be requires only two things: hard work and patience.

But sometimes, even when you do everything right, things go left, which is also why Herrera believes in his next “mantra” …

Don’t Be Attached To Anything
Life is changing every minute. What was easy one day might be difficult the next. Herrera uses all of this as information, without emotion. “Attachment is emotional. Don’t make decisions that way. This applies to investing, relationships, career … anything. You never know what’s right around the block.” And when you do get thrown off track, the next best piece of advice Herrera has is …

Repetition Is The Father Of Learning
Repetition and practice – great athletes become that way because they don’t deviate. They wake up when they don’t want to, work hard when they don’t want to, eat things they may not want. These are the things you don’t get to see but it is where the magic happens.

“You are the CEO of your own life … So BOSS UP!

In addition to being the Founder/CEO of his private equity firm NuDay Capital, Herrera sits on the board of Operation Warrior Shield, an organization providing necessary support such as Transcendental Meditation, to soldiers experiencing the effects of their service. He has trained, hired, and implemented countless sales reps/teams, creating noteworthy experiences for customers and employees alike. He continues to mentor many elite executives, CEOs, and athletes. In his downtime, he loves traveling, competing in triathlons, and spending time with his son.

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