By Deb Rosman, Author of, The Grieving Heart A collection of poetry and prose about loss, hope and living, featuring, A Gift.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I lost my sister back in 2007 after her remission ended with a vengeance still she found a way to reach out across the vale and present me with a treasured gift.

I hope the words that follow resonate with you and provide an example of how a loved one can reach out across the vale and present you with a token of their love which in turn will comfort you while your process their loss.

Photograph taken by the author

I’ve been walking the beach along the Long Island Sound and thinking and missing my sister Sherri; perhaps because its breast cancer awareness month not ironically every month since we lost her is breast cancer awareness month.

Sherri was such a delight; she was light, love, generous, sweet and kind.  I miss her so much; funny how things shift when you can no longer reach out and touch.

I recently had my own annual mammogram and I’m happy to say everything is fine but I am feeling a bit blue, a little down; perhaps a tiny bit guilty feeling too. 

So to help clear my mind I’ve been walk along the shores of the sound I looked down and spotted a small treasure in the sand; a small shard of pottery with a delicate and intricate design painted on it in a rose color pink no less.  There like a gift it had washed up on to the shore and was nestled with the other shells and stones.

How positively delightful after I’d picked it up and was marveling at what I held in my hand, a beautiful dog come racing toward me so deliciously friendly.  The dog’s owner yelled over an apology but I just laughed with delight.  Watching as the lovely curly haired dog raced back to its owner who loped a tennis ball into the sound.  Life being celebrated as it ought to be as the dog bound after the ball joyously

I thanked Sherri for the moment and for the gift she left for me in the sand now I know I am not alone and that I will be alright.