When you eventually make up your mind to sell your property at some point in life, one obvious step that you will need to take is to pick one of the best real estate agents available in your city. This is in order to ensure that you and your house do not have to sit on the market, looking for the new owner to take the keys.

Now, when you settle upon choosing a real estate agent who has a proven track record so far, you certainly do not find the task that simple. Well, this is the time when you sit back and judge each real estate agent based on their resume, and why not?

In the meantime, no matter how many qualities and previous tasks that grab your eyeballs are mentioned in their resume, you may not want to miss out on these 5 qualities, whatsoever.

1. Relevant Expertise

Selling a home is not like selling a second-hand mobile phone. While you can actually list the property on multiple online and offline classifieds, with every individual who is interested in the property comes the headache of price negotiation.

How about you hire a real estate agent who has a good resume? Real estate agents at 100 commission real estate leave no room for additional overhead and you can totally trust them with the process. Not only does this decision spare you enough time to enjoy your life with your family, but also keeps you from multiple sessions of unnecessary price negotiations every single day.

Since selling a sea-facing house is fairly easy as compared to one that faces a shopping mall, an experienced real estate agent can be your savior in such times. Meanwhile, make sure to provide every single piece of information – be it water levels, society amenities, and nearby attractions, which relates to your house.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

In today’s life, be it personal or professional, communication skills are of utmost importance. We need to ensure that every piece of information we convey to some intended individual is properly grasped. Failing to do so might lead to some uninvited problem later.

Well, since buying and selling or property is a part of our social life, the importance of communication skills is pretty high when you pick an experienced real estate agent for your house. Believe it or not, people have also had bad experiences with experienced real estate agents with bad communication skills.

There is no doubt about the fact that you want no such story in your life.

3. Check the Integrity

On your way to finding yourself a great real estate agent, you may see a lot of testimonials from their previous clients, but how to verify if all those client testimonials are authentic? It could be like that the particular agent you choose to trust on is not trustworthy at all. Alternatively, that real estate agent could be a fraud.

Nevertheless, in case that agent has been good so far as per his resume, you need to make sure he is honest with you too.

To be precise, your real estate agent must be an honest person and have guts to make you see the reality of the property you are willing to sell.

There could also be a scenario wherein you want to sell your house for $500 but the real estate agent is well aware of the real value of the property, i.e. way less than your estimation.

4. Have a Schedule

We know the importance of time in our daily lives. In fact, when it comes to life of real estate agents, they must to be on time each time they need to meet a client to visit a site, and then meet multiple potential buyers of that property to show it to them.

Since the business of real estate can be very demanding, a potential buyer can fickle, at times. Needless to say, taking a potential buyer to the property location is one of the crucial steps of the sale. Now, if the buyer has only a specific window of time to visit the property, there is no chance the agent can afford to be late.

In case the agent is late or fails to reach the buyer as per the given time, the deal may also be turned down by the buyer. Therefore, make sure the agent you choose to sell your property is punctual and serious about the matter.

5. Sufficient domain knowledge

Like every other business or job, you need to have sufficient knowledge and experience of your domain to do well every time when you need to. The business of real estate is no different. Well, the agent not only has to have enough knowledge of the area he deals in but also be familiar with the laws, be it selling a residential building or a commercial tower.

Always look for an agent who is well-aware of every card of the game. If you are sure about the agent, you can simply trust him and get started with the process. Also, make sure the person does not overlook or intentionally ignore any detail in the contract and other documents related to the deal.


When it comes to selling your property, it is essential to find a reliable real estate agent who has proven experience in the domain. For your information and trust, you can ask for every piece of information that you need to make up your mind to choose him as your guy.

Ask for a portfolio and if possible, meet one or more of his previous clients to check their experiences, respectively. At the same time, you can hire or get in touch with multiple real estate agents to ensure a quick sale that also gets you an amount close to your expectations.

Since it is about your house and your money that you need to trust someone with, make sure to ask every little detail that may feel like having. Besides, you can always do your online research in order to find yourself an experienced and well-known real estate agent to make a transaction that could be the biggest in your lifetime.


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