Every day we interact with many people who have a direct influence on us, whether in our workplace, within the family or in our social circles. These people have the power to make us feel good or lower our energy, especially if we are in front of a very negative person. This negativity ends up infecting us, affecting our self-esteem  and our state of mind, marking how the rest of the day will unfold.

Knowing how to deal with negative people in our day to day, both outside and inside our home, will help us not to blend in with their emotions and to be able to maintain energy at an optimal level without affecting how we will have our day. Desiree Popper, an up and coming actress from Brazil, knows a thing or two about dealing with negative people. Desiree grew up in an impoverished home with a family that was constantly battling for scraps. She rose from nothing to star in hit shows like Mare Fuori and is now trying to spread word about positivity to others. Here’s what she has to say about rejecting negativity from your life.

Negative symptoms

Being aware that the person in front of us is negative or positive will allow us to decide how we deal with it. To do this, we must look at  a series of characteristic features that mark the pole in which each person is .

What traits can we see in a negative person?

Excess of comparison with the others. He always looks at what others have and he does not.

  • Hostility.
  • Little ability to adapt. There is an excess of dramatization and little coping through humor.
  • The conversations revolve around the complaint.
  • Defeat against any obstacle that comes along the way, no matter how minimal.
  • Little realism in decision making.
  • If there is a possibility, however remote, that something is wrong, they will focus solely on it.

Live with negativity

Negative people have the ability to directly affect your level of happiness and well-being. They end up never bringing you positive things. It may not always be possible to get away from these types of people and you have to find ways to deal with it and that do not affect your quality of life.

Through the following guidelines, you will be able to deal with the negative people in your life:

1. Focus on the positive

The negative person is used to the fact that his gaze is directed only at all the bad things, not only from others, but also from oneself. Naturally steer conversations toward those positives. They may be puzzled, but the situation will change tune.

2. Share responsibility

If you are the one who is talking to that person and there is no one around, all the attention will be directed to you. Seek to be with more people at the same time, who can help you deal with them, spreading the responsibility and avoiding that only your energy decreases.

3. Responsible for yourself

There is a clear line that separates what they feel from what you feel. You are solely responsible for your actions and your words. It is others who must be consistent with their emotions. So don’t get involved in trying to please the negative or make them feel better. It is not always in our hands.

4. Keep your distance

Whenever possible, even temporarily, distance yourself. A few minutes or a few hours to oxygenate yourself and recharge the batteries.

5. Don’t get into arguments

Negative people also need to know that they are right and it is normal for them to enter into discussions where they want to defend their opinions and points of view. Always avoid these discussions.