My 13 year old daughter, husband and I decided to self-isolate before our county asked us to. We realized our fortunate position of being able to do work and school from home. To keep ourselves healthy and to keep others healthy we stayed at home. 
We wanted to help others so we called friends and family, hosted an online trivia night and sent off packages in the mail. After 10 days in the house, we wanted to do more so I decided that my daughter would chop off my very big, curly, large hair and she chose to donate it to ChildrenWithHairLoss.US  
Something about doing this gave us just a small sense of control that helped us ease our stress about the growing pandemic. It made us feel like we were doing SOMETHING. 
I can’t say that it went particularly well or that I liked the result but it did lead me to a revelation I did not expect and for that I am forever thankful.