The world of design is not as accessible to all as an outsider would imagine. This industry, which has grown through decades and decades, and is responsible for the branding of any company or famous individual, can at times be too exclusive. 

Brandon Groce, a Designer and Digital Strategist, wants to fix that by providing design education to those who want it. As someone who struggled with finding an appropriate and inspiring learning environment growing up, Brandon can relate with those who feel scared or incapacitated to learn about design.

“When I was younger I never raised my hand in school because I was too afraid of being wrong. One day I raised my hand because I knew the answer to the question, but everyone had become accustomed to me being wrong, including the teacher. All the students laughed at me and I felt stupid, small and insignificant. Because of that day I strive with all my heart and energy to help individuals who feel the same way I did that day in the classroom.” Brandon recalls.

The feeling of shame or embarrassment he felt when he was just a kid who was trying to learn, is in part what inspires him to make design education more accessible. Brandon teaches because he wants others to have access to know that regardless of their situation or setbacks, they can achieve progress in their lives and careers.

“I was told I had learning disabilities. I was told by teachers and colleagues that I would never be able to make anything for myself, and I’ve proved them wrong. I am a college dropout turned designer and digital strategist for Fortune 500s, as well as a design educator. I’ve worked with some of the largest and coolest brands in the world today.” Brandon says.

As a designer, Brandon has worked with Adobe, Disney, Hilton, LG, Salesforce, CES and Dannon, among others. Through his work, he helped them build their brand and improve their sales online. Nonetheless, Brandon has other ventures on his own.

Brandon offers an online course for creatives and individuals who want to build or grow their brand online and gain the attention their craft deserves.

“My online course is focused on how to build a brand through Instagram, how to monetize your brand, and how to gain clients.” Brandon shares.

In addition, Brandon also hosts a podcast called Design Huddle, where he and his co-host Ryan Warrender, discuss news and important stories related to the world of design. Similarly, Brandon also runs an Instagram TV video series for designers who want to learn how to build their brand online, how to sell more, and how to progress in their careers. Finally, as an educator, Brandon sells a course to help creative entrepreneurs stand out against their competition.

Brandon identifies gaining and growing an audience as some of the biggest challenges when starting a business. Indeed, creating a product specifically for an audience can also be challenging. Brandon advises to find a particular audience and provide a product that satisfies a need they have.

“I had always been an artist, but I did not get involved in design until I learned about UI/UX Design. As I began to become more proficient in my craft after that, I wanted to share everything that I have learned and continue to learn with those on the same trajectory as me.” Brandon says.

For Brandon, mindset was crucial, given that “the body will only do what the mind tells it.” Accordingly, the mind needs to be strong and clear of what the goal is. This is why Brandon advises to build habits, to create and environment, and to follow a schedule that keeps you happy, healthy and full of energy to chase your dreams, some of which may take time to come true.

“My advice for those starting is to find something that intersects your passion with the ability to make a profit. Most importantly, whatever it is that you choose to run with, make sure that it is solving a problem that people have and are willing to pay for.” Brandon advises.

Brandon’s next projects include building courses on Adobe XD and animation, since designers constantly ask him how to design and animate the way they see him do on his Instagram feed. Brandon wants to share his tools and resources with those who want them. In addition, Brandon wants to continue collaborating with Adobe on other educational and tutorial content for the creative community. 
Furthermore, Brandon will launch a new comedic video series on Instagram TV where he will address hot takes and happenings in the design and technology industry. To follow that series as well as Brandon’s other ventures, go here.


  • Sofia Vargas

    Senior Associate

    Now Strategies Group

    Sofia Vargas is a senior associate at Now Strategies Group, a hybrid PR agency. Their diverse client base include top class entrepreneurs, public figures, influencers, and celebrities.