It can be difficult for Americans to fall into the doom and gloom trap of news coverage and social media. Despite these challenging times, entrepreneurs from all corners of the country are pushing forward to prove that success is alive and well.

Hailey McFadden is one of these entrepreneurs.

While receiving her M.S. in Management from Wake Forest University, McFadden was already drawing up plans to launch Power Move Marketing (even before the name became official).

What began as a small digital marketing business focused on building social media and Facebook advertising for its clients is now quickly expanding into a powerhouse marketing company. And all this happening during the pandemic with an overall downswing in the economy.

Power Move has been able to go on the offensive. Since spring, McFadden has added one full-time employ, two paid part-time employees and 14 total interns. In the company’s first year, Power Move Marketing is project to reach $300K in revenue, surpassing the initially expected $80K.

The all-female team that McFadden has put together is another aspect that sets Power Move apart from the competition. But anyone who knows McFadden, personally, is not surprised from any of the accomplishments and goals that have been reached and exceeded.

Having played competitive volleyball at Wake Forest through her college career, McFadden tried a stint sideline reporting with ESPN.  But as McFadden found out, this would not be her career calling.

“I got into marketing once I realized sports broadcasting wasn’t for me. I graduated college a semester early after playing four years of D-1 volleyball and was sideline reporting for ESPN on some smaller professional and semi-professional teams before my grad program started. As she continues, “Honestly, some of the men surround sports broadcasting made it very… not fun. So, once I stumbled upon digital marketing I fell in love.”

That was all McFadden needed to get the ball rolling. Her experiences before Power Move Marketing even got going has been a major influence in how her company has taken shape. From the pink colored palettes of her website and social media account on Instagram to the all-female staff, McFadden is doing it her way.

In a recent interview with Influencive, McFadden explained her take on sexism in the workplace. “People will, at times, underestimate you and hold a magnifying glass up to you based on your gender. “Don’t get discouraged or let people devalue you because they do not understand the worth of digital marketing.”

Whether it is adversity from a global pandemic or sexual bias from within the business world, McFadden has taken charge of her own destiny. The social barriers that have begun to be broken down and the work accomplished by Power Move to revolutionize the digital marketing landscape look to be just the beginning.

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