Most people are bound to have little pieces of “junk” lying around the house. Bit by bit, these little fragments grow into something big, becoming a huge clutter that is taking over not only the space of your home, but your life as well. The neglected piles are becoming pillars of impotence that avert you from your goals and ability to move or even think. 

We collect things because we tell ourselves that we are going to need them in the future, and it is best to save that item for later. Sometimes, they may even hold sentimental value to us, whether it is from a special person, or because it cost a lot of money. Despite never using these items before, and most likely in the future, we hold on to these things because there is pain in letting go of things which we give meaning to. It is the inability to let go of material objects that in our minds have emotional attachment to, thus leading to the cause of hoarding tendencies.

Getting rid of this mess could seem quite challenging to others since they would feel intimidated by the insurmountable heaps of junk they have create. However, decluttering is an adversity every hoarder must face in order for them to remove the obstructions towards a happy life. Some would even happen to find joy in disposing of the unnecessary items since it is as if they are also throwing away the negative energy that comes along with it. Having said this, here are a few reasons why decluttering is necessary in every person’s life.


Dust is most likely to collect among the corners of junk, making it bad for people with allergies and asthma. However, dust is not the only hazard which is collected by junk. Mold, animal shedding, and insects are a few other factors which can have dangerous effect to a person’s body. Having a cluttered room could also affect ones sleep tendencies, since sleep disturbances are more likely in a messy room due to discomfort. Eating habits are also negatively altered since there is less space to create a healthy meal in your kitchen, which lets people retort to unhealthy snacks such as chocolate bars and assorted junk food.


The mere sight of a messy room causes stress, which is the root cause of most mental illnesses. Scientifically, when our brain views overwhelming amounts of junk in our living space, a neurological effect will cause a blockage in the flow of our creativity, focus, and organization. This is due to lack in cortisol, which is the hormone that is triggered from stress that leads to depression and anxiety. In relation to this, we lose the ability to think clearly and end up making bad decisions such as picking up a bad habit, or cutting off relationships with other people. This being said, clutter acts as a drainage for one’s satisfaction in life despite having a room full of too much of everything. Stress is indeed inevitable, but it is possible to lessen the stress that you are experiencing.. 


Having all these items taking up the floors of your home is not only messy, but could cause serious harm as a fire hazard. Papers, clothing, and trash, are enough to stimulate the spreading of fires due to the amount of fuel it provides. Clutter also prevents escape by obstructing exit passages during emergencies by having blockage towards hallways, windows, and doors. In addition, people may even be injured by junk by accidentally tripping over them. They could also be hazardous as falling objects, and excessive loading which leads to collapse.

Decluttering indeed brings a whole new meaning to “less is more”. The overloading of information in our brain is a problem that we all experience, and having junk lying around your house definitely does not help in putting our brain at peace. Therefore, tidying up your living space influences you to become more positive and peaceful, since we often alter ourselves based on the place of where we come from. Having said that, being in a fresh new space and a literally brighter perspective in life, you are indeed ready to start becoming a better person. It may be hard to let go of your items but it is necessary for your wellbeing. It is also a crucial step into having a spacious home despite not having enough room. However, you do not have to throw away all of your items. It is possible for you to keep some of your items by renting a self-storage facility. This will also allow you to get rid of excess furniture that aren’t yet in use but will be in the near future. Just make sure to put your items into packing boxes instead of just dumping everything into your storage unit.