Artificial intelligence has revolutionized chatbots and how people use them. Today, you can use chatbots to reserve hotels, order pizza, schedule appointments, and so much more.

They are also helping businesses save money, increase engagement with their customers, and improve their customer service. Therefore, it’s important to understand what AI chatbots are and how you can design one for your business.

In this post, we discuss AI chatbots, what they are, and a list of platforms to design AI-based chatbots for your business.

What Are AI Chatbots?

AI chatbots are voice-based or text-based interfaces that can offer support services or information to your customers by simulating human to human conversation. These chatbots understand the intent behind a customer’s question before they give an answer. 

They are also more predictive, data-driven, and conversational. Over time they have the capability to become contextually aware. AI chatbots leverage natural language learning and predictive intelligence to personalize experiences.

These kind of chatbots are:

Trainable: You can train them to complete tasks as you want them to, plus they learn with every human interaction.

Dependable: AI chatbots do not need breaks and can work with different time zones.

Scalable: You can use them for different functions or tasks like content marketing, lead generation, automation, etc. They can also have conversations with many customers at the same time.

Must-Have Features for AI Chatbot Platforms

Choosing the right platform can be daunting if you don’t know what features make a good chatbot. The following are some of the most important features you need:

1. Conversational Skills

AI-based conversational chatbots understand a user’s intent regardless of sentence complexity. They must also ask the user questions that help you discover more about them.

An engaging conversation between the chatbot and the user can improve the customer experience and increase your prospective leads. It will also provide you with data you need to help you drive conversions and you can make it smoother by integrating your VoIP phone system with conversational bots.

If your company is global, then you need a chatbot that can do all this in the various native languages your customers use. 

So, choose one of the platforms to build conversational chatbots that have advanced natural language processing capabilities and supports multiple languages.

2. Developmental Control

It’s sometimes hard to anticipate if users will misuse your AI application. For this reason, you need a platform that allows you greater control over who can access it and make changes.

Doing this allows you to avoid awkward mistakes, like users teaching the app to be vulgar. It also offers a ‘safety net’ that helps you manage unexpected exceptions during conversations and ensure smooth customer experiences every time. 

3. Ease of Development

Check out reviews and talk to real-life customers of the platform. Find out if it was easy to develop and build applications before you decide to use the platform.  

What Are the Best AI Chatbot Platforms?

The best platform will depend on your use cases and requirements.

However, they should enable you to offer personalized and engaging experiences. They should also deliver data that helps you better understand your customers and grow your business.

Check out the infographic from It lists some of the most powerful AI chatbot platforms that you can use for your business. 


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