With a dash of charisma and a concentrated effort to stay mysterious, Daniel Gomez’s profession is not just a job that pays the bills but its his passion and life mission as well. Private Detective Gomez, as many known him as, has a strong and powerful personality which will make anyone curious about what he is all about.

Gomez, raised in Texas, has a multifacet and fascinating career. He was part of the at the Dallas Fort-Worth Metro Police Department for over 20 years.

Later, he went to start his own detective agency called the Gomez Detective Agency, secured and authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety, becoming the top detective and investigative agency in North Texas and attracting the attention of the national television program, Cheaters.

Detective Gomez received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Dallas Baptist University. In addition, Detective Gomez completed his master’s degree in psychology from the University of Phoenix. Then he served for more than twelve years in law enforcement, ten of those years in the metropolitan area.

His law enforcement experience provided him a set of skills to succeed in private detective work. With experience in criminal and civil cases, Detective Gomez has set the foundation for his agency and provided opportunities for the agency to excel and grow.

Shortly after Cheaters reached out for Gomez to be part of the cast, he rose to Chief Detective of the reality show.  

In addition to the success of the program, Gomez’s agency has appeared in national publications such as Morning News, GQ Magazine, D Magazine, Woman’s, Fort Worth Weekly, ABC 20/20, FOX 4 News, Telemundo, Al Dia, and Telegrama estrella.

What separates Gomez from others is his profession is the knowledge and unwavering focus on the client’s situation.

“When I meet with a new client or even a potential client, I give everything I can, ask the necessary questions and analyze the needs of the clients to make sure that the objectives are achieved and we can unmask the truth,” Gomez said about his focus interacting with the client.

When a client comes to his office for the first time, Gomez understands that the relationship is the most important factor. Detective Gomez pays special attention to the client’s situation and is as empathetic as possible to ensure that their experience is first class. This in turn gives the client reassurance that the process will be easy and that they can have an answer to their doubts.

Gomez, a dynamic leader with experience in the field of law enforcement, also understands the value of communication and knowledge. He is always looking for ways to grow with both his company and staff to be able to give a better service to all of his clients. Part of his success, he says, is to focus on the client and the challenges they face when they arrive at their office for a consultation.

When we talk about Gomez, it is clear that he understands each one of his clients well and that his service is recognized nationally. When it comes to serving his community, Gomez is especially proud of his podcast, “Beyond Cheaters: The Detective Gomez Files,” which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.

Aside from his day to day investigations, Mr. Gomez runs a successful online spy shop, p.i. spy tools, where you can find the latest spy tools used by law enforcement units and the best detectives across the country.

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