Devan Reece Jones

Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones became a developer at the age of 19. All he did was put in effort and avoid distractions as he was learning, which paid off. In his Software Development career, the young man has shown to those that want to achieve their dreams, that where there is a will, there is a way. He has set goals and achieved them consistently as he sets them. After a year at university in a computer science program Reece wants to prove that lacking a degree is not a death sentence; rather, it is a window to improve your skills and deliver ultimate value through teaching yourself important and marketable skills. He quotes his uncle; with his own medical practice, “Pay the universe with passion, that is the currency of the universe, and you will have it.”

Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones is, therefore, always busy due to his tight schedules. In this article, he shares his ways of managing stress and burnout and his main success habits. 

Distress Tips

Devan Reece affirms that everyone is prone to a certain level of stress or distress. The best thing to do, according to him, is to take a deep breath and remember why you are doing what you are doing. Whether it is a dream you are trying to achieve or a successful outcome you are looking forward to having, or whatever the reason; he encourages you to keep moving and focus on the beautiful journey. 

Avoiding burnout and a stressful day

“Burn out definitely happens; the thing that helps me in avoiding burnout is the undying fire of passion in my belly that causes me to stay up to late hours, wake up early to get started working, and do what others aren’t willing to do to succeed. Stressful days are only stressful if you make it so, having a plan for the day can help, checking off the list on a checklist throughout the day helps, and knowing you’re making progress on a goal helps.” He says. 

Reece continues by saying that you should avoid setting standards for yourself that are very difficult to achieve; creating goals that will surely push you but may overstrain you is not the point. The point is to make certain steps, no matter how small every day. Overworking yourself can lead to burning out, so avoid making goals that will cause you to overwork and burn out.

Successful habits

Devan Reece Jones says that being determined to succeed gives you a certain mindset that will keep you zealous in everything you do starting from your mindset. “I started from a portfolio that wasn’t huge and wasn’t amazing, but in due time, with hard work and dedication, I strengthened it, and I now consistently achieve bountiful success on a continuous basis. I was able to have a positive impact on my life by staying determined for my success.”

His motivation is his determination for success. He wakes up every day in pursuit of making his dreams a reality. 

Advice to startups

Having mentored many starting out entrepreneurs and developers, Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones says that staying dedicated is an immeasurable factor that helps starters. “From where I stand, after all that I have achieved, I understand that the only thing that got me to where I am now is my undying determination, and that same undying dedication to progression is propelling me forwards to me living the success that I am living now.” He concludes.