There is a saying at Nourish the Brain, that reminds us to focus on the power of imagination and the Law of Attraction.

“Start Where You Want To Be”

If you aren’t really familiar with this manner of thinking, check out Video Link: The Law of Attraction 

Can you experience positive emotions for something that has not happened yet? The answer to this question is an overwhelming YES.  Visualize, and be clear about what you want, down to the most minute detail you are capable of realizing. Do this every day and make time to see how your future will look.  

Humans have survival as a default strategy that is deeply imprinted in our thinking patterns. It is the reason why we survived sabertooth tiger attacks thousands of years ago.  Since there is no longer a tiger chasing you, it is okay to slow down that racing mindset and to get into a profoundly different place.  

Survival mode is triggering the release of your stress hormones, cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.  Overloading of these hormones is the cause of multiple illnesses.

Are you reminded of past attachments that you would like to free yourself from?  Do you have somebody in your life who is attached to their difficult past? Invite them to awaken their curiosity and learn the truth.  

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