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How can you develop your brand as a woman?

Ever since in our society, breaking gender norms and gender inequality is a very sensitive topic to talk yet a lot of us women experiencing it. When it comes to our works, businesses, and even brandings, being a woman is always an issue. Some of you might not experience it, but the issue is always there.

We are all aware that gender norms always make women like the one who should be warm, nice, soft-hearted, and the one who agree in all things, and once these norms violated – and we do the opposite such as we started becoming independent and make our own decision, we starting to share our own strong opinion, or starting promoting ourselves – behavior that often shown by men they will start to think that we are becoming a “b-queen”, or that we are “too bossy”.

The question is, how can you develop and establish your brand as a woman despite many competition?

At the end of this blog, you will learn how to develop your brand as a woman, how can you make it established and how your brand can dominate despite many competition.


Make sure to establish your network not only inside of your organization but also outside of it. There is a term that been popularize by Robert Putnam a well known Harvard sociologist, it is “bonding capital”, what is bonding capital? Bonding capital has been described as making a connection within a group, community, or organization that has a similarity to you, for example, family, close peers, or people that have the same interest as you. This type of social capital can stop you from networking yourself with people who don’t have similarity to you, making your network small. You will only have a few people who will speak and defend for your contribution, people who will provide strong support for you.

I suggest making a connection with people outside your comfort zone to make your network broader. Why? It will give you an option when you need backup once your situation change.


There might be a big and different target audience that you need to cater to. Despite catering your audience needs don’t forget to remain true to yourself. Don’t try to pretend or copy someone else just to be known. Your brand will define who you are, and you will define your brand.

By staying to who you are will keep you unique and different from your competitor, and you will surely gain your own audience.


We are living now in a fast-paced society, a lot of new trends keeps on booming. You have to learn how to adapt and adjust yourself to it. It will help you grow personally and will give you the benefit to expand your expertise. The more expertise, and knowledge you have, the more your brand will become valuable. The more your brand becomes valuable, the more it can dominate your competition.

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