Developing Passion In Your Life

After 8+ years of relevant experience in Sales & Marketing, I am still trying to figure out does the real purpose of passion is to become a subject matter expertise in your profession or do something that really drives you crazy or really happy of doing something.

If we talk about any professional in an organisation or any field, there are four types of people you will likely come across or you may be one of them, one because of family, two they have a degree of their profession, three because they feel the call, four only for the money.

Your passion is develop according to the environment you have been brought up and also depends with the type of people you hang around, start a habit to learn more about your profession and your learning habit will generate curiosity to shape things better.

You can find your passion at any point of time in your life, all of us are not born skilled with our profession and skills can be learned.

When you find yourself doing something makes you really happy and drives you crazy, develop a learning habit about what you are doing and it will never fade away. Passion do fade away and you also loose interest in what you are doing, if you don’t upgrade yourself or keep learning and implementing in what you are doing.