Developing the hidden bit is an important skill we need to have and develop, as self-conscious humans. To be “hidden” is to be “in process.” Seeded. The way a seed is pushed down the soil. growing, unseen to the human eye, until the first bud pushes out. Growth is a private affair. The same way development is a private affair.

Only developed potentials ever come out.

Everybody has a potential inside of them, it is what it is no matter our argument against this fact. It is how we are no ordinary people because we are all different in a way. The world we live now strives to streamline us, to slap labels and put us in a box, creating media constructs so we all strive to be the same thing. But we are different. Diverse. That’s the joy of this world. In the same way our talents and

Our potential can only be realized when we are ready to push ourselves. When we begin to sense a state of hunger within ourselves. The plant thirsts for food and water before it grows, the same way our growth begins with a thirst. A will. We just want to do more. Be more.

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How do we develop potentials out of hiding places?

1. Knowing ourselves. Understanding the kind of person we are, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, so that we won’t find ourselves facing the wrong direction. When we understand the kind of person we are, when we know where we are heading to, there won’t be too many voices whispering behind our ears, telling us what to do and what not to do.

2. We must greatly believe in ourselves. Building our self-confidence. Believing in ourselves gives room for growth and knowledge.

3. Goal setting. The art of setting goals is intentional, and conscious, and self-aware as it is pursued. You begin first with general long-term goals, before you streamline your goals into small achievable bytes. Short-term ones. Successful short-term goals only go on to become massive over time.

4. Learning to accept your failures. We are nothing without failing, as paradoxical as it may seem. Our first steps were taken by stuttering. Even talent is not immune to failure. Talent is hard work. Talent is pursued. When we fail, we do not dwell on it too long, instead we learn from its cause and move on to the next best thing. Life is too short to dwell on missed opportunities.

5. Be ready to embrace work. When we see champions, we only get to glimpse moments of their glory, their bright smile, then loud ovations, the flurry of congratulations. What we do not see of course is the gruelling hours of training, the time spent sweating and working the body into exhaustion. The consistency.

Being more is intentional. And to be more, we must be ready to do more.