Devyn Giovengo, fondly called Gio, is an entrepreneur co-managing two businesses in fashion and media. Being a young entrepreneur, Gio’s life is marked by hard work and many long hours. In this article, Gio tells us the methods he adopts to handle all the roadblocks thrown in his path.

Tackling Stress

As an entrepreneur, stress management is an essential skill to master. Gio believes stress is impossible to avoid in business, especially when you have a deadline coming up.

He handles stress at work by interjecting his current task with a less demanding one.

“In my room at my apartment, I don’t have a game system, a TV or anything. I have three computers in my room and my camera. When I’m burning out on a particular project I’ll just get some of a different project done”.

Gio’s scenario shows that you can effectively stress by staying productive. Sometimes, you might find yourself struggling with a certain project. Instead of pushing yourself to continue, try taking a break and going off to do something else. Practicing this habit will help you stay flexible, adaptive, and most importantly keep you on top of your work.

Overcoming Obstacles

Running a business is tough, and you’re bound to run into issues. These could range from management to technical and even logistical difficulties. These obstacles are unavoidable, no matter how we try to evade them.

Gio considers obstacles as little speed bumps in the road. Some of the toughest obstacles he has had to handle have been finding real friends who share the same goals, losing vital work contents, spending extra money due to technical mishaps, and most importantly, combine college and two business empires.

“It gets difficult when I have a video and some cover art due the same day I have to submit a 5-page paper,” Gio admits.

However, Gio firmly believes all these obstacles are designed to motivate him to work ten times harder.

“ I learned when I was younger it can always be worse. The only solution is to boss up, accept the circumstances for what they are, and work harder than before.”

Approaching Growth

All aspects of life work together in a wholesome cycle. If we are not very strong at one thing, it has the potential to affect other parts of our lives. Gio offers the following advice on how to grow in any area of life.

“It sounds really cliche, but you can really achieve anything-no matter where you’re from-once you put your mind to it. One thing that will help you grow faster is also having a support system that will back you up, regardless of the circumstances.”

Having a solid community is one of the main ingredients of growing in life. However, you must also keep in mind that not everyone is going to like everything you do. 

“Just be yourself,” Gio advises. “ No matter who is around, chances are they will like you more as you, rather than as whoever you’re trying to be.”