Dhanasekar Sakthivel

Victory tastes very sweet and there are many advantages to winning, as the harder the win was, the sweeter the taste of victory is.  You start feeling better about yourself and you improve your confidence, you boost up your morale and your desire to win, becomes greater than the fear of losing.

When one person thinks of fitness, the first name that comes to their mind is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the biggest name in the world of fitness athletes and an inspiration to millions of people across the world. Dhanasekar Sakthivel is one such individual who was inspired by Arnold. He has also won the title of ‘Muscle Mania Universe Junior Champion.’

Dhanasekar says a life well-lived shouldn’t be gauged by how long you live, but rather how many kickass experiences you enjoy. Some people just can’t believe in themselves. That should be a mission, too—to believe in your total self and your ability to figure things out. It allows you to wade into any unknown territory, any uncertainty, and say, I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but I will figure it out.

That is a life belief we all must have: the ability to know that with enough time, energy, focus and resources, that over a period of time, we can develop the knowledge, skill, competency, mastery of any area that we must succeed in. With enough time, dedication and effort, we can do it.

One thing that we all want is to win at life and to become successful. Billions of humans all over the globe want victory in all they do. But the very interesting and amazing thing with life is that not everyone becomes a winner at the end of it all.

There are others that have to cope with losses upon losses. But the smart ones are able to also become winners by studying other winners and replicating their strategies so they too can become winners in their different capacities in life said Dhanasekar Sakthivel

He says, if you want to be victorious, to be successful, then understand that the path of victory is a struggle. The path to success/victory is not easy. For this, you will have to work very hard with patience. Many times the beginning goes wrong, in such a situation there is no need to give up. Rather, make a fresh start from that time. One should not curse their fate for mistakes. Such mistakes happen, then it is said that the path of the winner is a struggle.

Sakthivel says you must be ready to fight your way through, creating for yourself the life you could look back on and be proud of.  Believe me; victory tastes sweet; the more your wins in life, the more you boost your confidence to do more and eventually, losing becomes no option at all.

Everyone wants to become a better person, but there are many such changes in life that humans are unable to focus on their own well being. But if you want to make yourself a better person then you should always keep trying. Only then you can win Dhanasekar quoted.