The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching ramifications that go beyond its direct effects on public health. Among the most significant is its economic impact, with its effects on supply and demand, consumer purchase behavior, and risk preferences causing severe tremors in the global economy. The consequences of this trickle down all the way from the top of the wealth pyramid down to the everyday individual.

As such, there has been a mad scramble to find alternative sources of income amid the pandemic. Entrepreneurial activities and trading in financial markets are only some of the ways by which people have tried to make the most out of the situation. Novel technologies that allow people to participate in such activities remotely have turned out to be extremely popular, considering the work-from-home and social-distancing measures necessitated by the pandemic. In addition, the much lower need for capital outlay rooted in these technologies has served as an equalizing force that allows anyone, regardless of wealth, to make waves in their respective fields. Examples of such technologies include various e-commerce models and apps and websites for trading and investing.

As with most novel fields, a slew of mentorship, tutorial, and consultancy services that promise to help people maximize their profits in these industries have also sprouted up accordingly. However, such services face the perennial problem of quality and integrity, something that is of particular concern in a fairly unregulated forum like the internet. Anyone can start such services while making exceptional promises, and it is notoriously easy to control the flow of information online.

Jiwan Emre saw this exact problem in the rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry of sports handicapping. As a veteran handicapper himself, Jiwan was fed up with the prevalence of bogus services he found online promising undefeated streaks or unrealistically high win rates. The situation inspired Jiwan to develop his own service, Crush The Books, which would pride itself on a unique customer-centered approach rooted in integrity and transparency.

Of course, Jiwan’s training, passion, and experience also means that he is able to provide the quality needed to back up his approach. Jiwan had a lifelong fascination with the analytical aspects of handicapping, citing how he would record player stats and analyze games when he was only five years old. He would follow this interest up to his formal education, taking advanced schooling on the necessary mathematics. 

The latter gave Jiwan the broader handicapping experience, bankroll, and network he needed to fully immerse himself in sports handicapping and consulting. With these, he built a team of like-minded individuals who shared his passion and determination to establish Crush The Books. Today, the company offers a variety of services, including packages with detailed predictions for a variety of sports and full-scale mentorship programs designed to allow higher-end clients to pursue the industry full-time.

Through Crush The Books, Jiwan hopes to apply his unique approach to create better handicappers, not only in their playing ability but also in their credibility and integrity. Although the concept of a more honest playing industry may seem paradoxical to many, it is this exact reason that drives Jiwan to strive for better with his company. With his services, Jiwan hopes to show aspiring handicappers that the industry can be beaten with pure, honest determination.

You can find out more about Jiwan Emre and his company, Crush The Books, by following their Instagram at @crush.the.books.