How could you assess if you’re primed for flow at the start of your day?

What dashboard could provide a strong sense check?

Jamie Wheal from the Flow Genome Project recently asked a bunch of us to do a check-in with one another as to how we’re doing on each of the following three dimensions in 12 words or less. A fourth one got added later in our collective debrief and then a peer also suggested that we couple that description per dimension with a rating as well, which was super helpful. A rating of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. Whatever sounds right for you.

BQ + EQ + SQ (+FQ)

BQ for bodily vitality & health. How’re we doing on sleep, nutrition, movement, and the like? Do we feel energized & vibrant?

EQ for relationships & inner self. How’re we doing in connection with our families and communities? Do we feel emotionally at ease?

SQ for inner purpose. Do we feel connected to our personal north stars & missions? Or are we just going through the motions?

And the bonus one … FQ for financial security & safety. To give us a sense of freedom, confidence & abundance to do all the above.

In a world where being held accountable often petrifies folks, this self-accountability dashboard could well be an ‘easy’ secret hack to figure whether we’re ready for delivering awesome or conversely by default, whether we’re heading towards mediocrity. No need to share with anyone but yourself — so the only one holding you accountable is yourself.

So how did you score today?