Ice cream on the beach, colorful swimsuits splashing in the pool, sticky hands asking for more watermelon. These are the things that make summertime feel like summer.

Then there’s that one, small detail that some of us plan and save for almost all year long…the summer trip. 

It’s no secret that driving down the coast or packing the kids up and going to Disney world holds a lot more risk than it did before (I’m looking at you, Florida). But that doesn’t mean vacation has to be cancelled! 

There’s plenty of ways to get the same pleasure, relaxation and joy out of this year’s staycation. 

  1. Use that vacation fund to invest in something nice for your home. Last year, I bought a NICE hot tub. I cannot stress this enough: It is worth every. single. penny. This hot tub is where mommy goes to destress after work, it’s where the kids swim like whales during “hot tub recess” and it’s where our family sits and does the one thing every family needs to do – talks. Every soak is truly a mini-vacation. 
  2. Send the kids away for a few days. This option might not be feasible for everybody, but it’s great for those who have (low-risk) family or close friends living nearby. Ask aunts, uncles, cousins, or whoever you trust to take your kiddos for at least 24 hours. In return, offer to take care of their kids (if they have them) and give them a budget for take-out, ice cream, and activities. 
  3. Hire some help. Half the fun of being in a hotel is knowing you’re not going to have to pick up the mess. Why not bring some of that relief into your home? With the amount that you’d spend on travel, lodging and meals, you could easily afford to have someone come in at least a few times over the summer. 
  4. Find yourself an interest group. Every year, I invest in a group led by another coach. As a life coach myself, I believe in coaching and being there as a participant gives me the boost I need to add some extra sparkle to my own practice. And isn’t that what vacation is for? Adding a little something extra to our everyday life? So whether your thing is coaching, singing, acrobatics or interior designing, use your vacation days to find your tribe. 

Summer is my favorite time of year and while I love to travel, I’m confident in my abilities to reproduce the joy of seeing new sights with all of the methods I’ve listed here today. 

If Covid precautions have you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just bummed out, please know you’re not alone. It’s natural to go through a little grieving of “normal” life and we’re all figuring out how to do that together. 

Reach out to your community, communicate with the people closest to you and find out how to make your summer feel like summer!