Artificial intelligence will Bring convenience and danger to human life. AI can To free your hands Operating intelligent devices, also it can help people solve problems in a professional, but also make people become more and more lazy. On many occasions in the past, people have mentioned artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence technology has also pushed the highest point of science and technology. 

Artificial intelligence can help people do a lot of things, for example, find some needed resources, find needed information, and solve some problems that cannot be solved in their own knowledge. In short, artificial intelligence can bring us convenience. 

Lets Dive into the Difference Between AI and Humans

 1. The Essence of AI

  • Artificial intelligence is relative In terms of human intelligence. Because consciousness is a special kind of material movement, so based on the theory of cybernetics, using the method of functional simulation to create a computer that simulates some of the functions of the human brain and mechanize some of the human’s intelligent activities, called artificial intelligence. 
  • The essence of artificial intelligence is the simulation of the information process of human thinking and the materialization of human intelligence.
  • Although artificial intelligence can simulate certain activities of the human brain, and even exceed the functions of the human brain in some aspects, artificial intelligence will not become human intelligence and replace human consciousness.

2. Artificial Intelligence vs Human

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  • AI is thinking simulation, not human thinking itself. “Machine thinking” must not be equated with human brain thinking. It is unfounded to think that it can surpass human brain thinking.
  • Artificial intelligence is an unconscious mechanical and physical process. Human intelligence is mainly a physical and psychological process.
  • Artificial intelligence is not social. Human wisdom is social.
  • Artificial intelligence does not have the initiative and creativity unique to human consciousness. The human mind takes the initiative to ask new questions and invents.
  • The computer can replace or even exceed the part of the human thinking ability, but compared with the human brain, it surpasses partly and is not as good as the whole. An intelligent machine is the materialization of human consciousness. Its production and development not only depend on the development level of human science and technology but also must be based on human consciousness’s knowledge of itself. 
  • In general; artificial intelligence cannot exceed the limits of human intelligence. Regarding that computers can think, or even surpass human thinking, the idea that computers and robots will rule humans in the future is completely unfounded.
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3. The philosophical significance of the emergence and development of artificial intelligence 

  • The emergence and development of artificial intelligence have strongly proved that consciousness is the function and material attribute of the human brain, and proved the correctness of Marxist views on the essence of consciousness.
  • The emergence and development of artificial intelligence have deepened our understanding of the relative independence and initiative of consciousness. 
  • Machine thinking, or artificial intelligence, shows that thinking forms are relatively independent of thinking content in thinking activities. 
  • It can be differentiated from the human brain and transformed into mechanical and physical forms of motion, partially replacing human thinking activities.
  • With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence will develop to a higher level, which in turn will promote the development of science and technology, productivity and human wisdom to a higher level, which will play a huge role in promoting the progress of human society.
  • The above is my pick. I personally disagree with the above view. I think artificial intelligence can surpass human intelligence, which is determined by its physical attributes. His development is immeasurable.

AI Impact

(1) Artificial Intelligence Able to Self Naturally the Impact of Science

When needed It is self-evident that the help of mathematical computer tools to solve problems. More importantly, AI in turn helps human beings finally understand the formation of their own intelligence.

(2) The Impact on the Economy

The expert system goes deeper into all walks of life and brings huge macro benefits. AI has also promoted the development of the computer industry network industry. But at the same time, it also brings labor employment problems. Due to the application of AI in technology and engineering, it can replace humans in various technical and mental work, which will cause drastic changes in the social structure.

(3) The impact of AI on Society

AI also provides a new model for human cultural life. Existing games will gradually develop into more intelligent interactive cultural entertainment methods. Today, artificial intelligence applications in games have been deeply embedded in the development of major game manufacturers.


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