While there are certainly some traits, skills and characteristics similar to all leaders, every leader will inevitably have a leadership style that is fairly unique to them. Over time, many leaders will build a diverse set of leadership skills but it’s important to start by finding your own innate style. Here are three different leadership styles and how to find your own.


An autocratic leadership style is not generally considered to be the most effective style, but there are some exceptions. Autocratic leaders often shine in a crisis and also while building a new venture. Many companies were built by leaders with a highly autocratic leadership style. Once the company is up and running, however, founders often need to develop a different leadership style if they want to continue to lead their company effectively.

You might be an autocratic leader if you:

– Can make decisions without a great deal of input from others

– Are self-motivated

– Have a great deal of self-confidence


Strategic leaders are often master chess players, always looking 5 steps ahead of everyone else. In many cases, strategic leaders are not even viewed as leaders (which is often exactly how they like it) and may never even seek to hold the highest position or office. They can be master manipulators but can also be very effective at managing a wide range of interests to keep things running and functioning smoothly.

You might be a strategic leader if you:

– Enjoy puzzles and mental challenges

– Interact well with a wide range of personality types

– Can see what’s coming down the road well before others do


Most leaders will have some kind of vision of where they want to go or what they want to do but that doesn’t make them a visionary leader. The difference is that the visionary leader will generally get buy-in from others by inviting them into the leader’s vision, rather than simply telling others what to do or devising a plan to achieve their vision.

You might be a visionary leader if you:

– Are good at inspiring others with your ideas

– Are good at making grand plans come to life

– Are optimistic and innovative