Whether you are buying your first-ever bong or replacing your old one, getting the right product could be confusing. Bongs are available in various types and styles, so while choosing make sure you are getting the one that suits your smoking style and budget. Today, we will explain to you various types of bong designs and the characteristics and benefits of different materials they come in. Keep reading to pick the one according to your taste:-

Types of Bong Designs

–        Straight Tube

This is the simplest and most classic bong design, shaped like a tube with a mouthpiece at one end. You place the bowl at the bottom, where it pokes out from one side. If you are looking for simplicity and efficiency, then a straight tube bong is what you should go for.

–        Beakers

Shaped like a beaker, these bongs have a broad base and offer more stability compared to some other designs. The beakers can hold more water inside due to more volume, thus resulting in better percolation.

–        Round Base

These have a spherical water chamber with a flat base and are similar to beaker bongs. They offer more stability than straight-tube bongs but are less stable compared to beaker bongs due to smaller flat area.

–        Percolators

Bong percolators maximize the cooling and filtration effect to give you a smoother hit. Percolators are available in a variety of shapes and styles, including Inline percolators (horizontal tubes with slits) and Honeycomb percolators among others. You can pick according to your preferences and liking, but mind it percolators tend to cost more than standard water pipes.

–        Multi-Chamber

A bit on the pricey side due to their design, a multi-chamber bong has more than one chamber. It is a variant of the straight-tube bong. The straight tube separates into two different chambers through either a tube or third chamber and offers greater filtration power. It results in smoother and cooler hits compared to other designs. However, these bongs are a bit hard to clean afterward.

Material Also Matters

–        Glass

Glass bongs are most popular among smokers because they provide a pure and clean taste without affecting the flavor. They are easier to clean and you can see if there is any build-up inside that you should remove.

–        Ceramic

Ceramic bongs are not only heavier and more fragile than their counterparts due to the nature of the material, but are also more expensive. However, with these, you get more choices when it comes to shapes, sizes, and colors. They look great on the shelf as ornaments even if you don’t specifically buy them for regular smoking.

–        Plastic

Plastic bongs are extremely durable and there is very little risk of breakage if you accidentally drop them. They are cheaper and a great choice for traveling since they don’t shatter easily. The only downside is that plastic somewhat affects the taste of smoke, which you may not like much if you are a picky smoker.

–        Metal

Like plastic, metal is also very durable, economical and poses less risk of damage in bongs. However, metal bongs are relatively uncommon. Metal may also slightly affect the taste of your smoke. Moreover, it is difficult to figure out when to clean a metal bong.

–        Bamboo

Bamboo bongs can be either basic or fancy depending on what you choose. The latter gives you more options in terms of paint, varnish, metal, etc., to complement the design. They are quite robust and can last for many years if you take care of them.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a bong and we want to make that choice easier for you. Now that you know all about the types and materials of bongs, you can choose the best one according to your preferences and continue smoking in style!