Being an entrepreneur can cause a plethora of stressful situations, especially when you’ve overworked yourself on an already-limited time schedule. The number of projects that entrepreneurs take on leave little time to finish everything you want or need to do, which can become overwhelming as more and more tasks get piled onto your project list. 

This is why stress management is crucial to staying mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy—ignoring your stress instead of finding ways to handle or reduce it will only lead to negative outcomes. Here are some ways even the busiest of entrepreneurs can manage and reduce their stress.

Change your mattress.

One of the easiest things you can do to reduce your stress levels is to make sure you get enough sleep each night. Not only should you be getting enough sleep, but it should be good sleep—waking up every few hours won’t do anything but make you more tired. Replacing your mattress with a non-toxic, non-allergenic mattress can help you get a restful sleep without worrying about sneezing, itching, or restlessness. Consider changing your pillow as well for even more comfort.

Seek out a professional.

You may be used to doing most things on your own as an entrepreneur, but there’s nothing wrong with seeking out professional help when it comes to managing your mental health. Getting in touch with a professional can help you reduce your stress and anxiety levels more than bottling your problems up can. Speaking with a qualified psychologist is a good investment in maintaining your mental health—ignore any stigma that says otherwise.

Find something to do outside of work.

Everyone needs a hobby, and entrepreneurs are no exception. No matter how busy your work schedule is, you should have something to do when you’re off the clock that lets you distract your mind from work for a few hours. Maybe you can take a yoga class a few times a week, or join a book club. This is the perfect opportunity to do things you’ve always wanted to try but never had the time to before. 

Try meditating.

Taking quiet moments to meditate and reflect on yourself can be just as helpful as doing something with a group of people. You don’t have to necessarily think about anything when you’re meditating, either; letting yourself have a quiet moment will help you clear your mind and reduce stress as a result.