These are challenging times for many people. When there is anything going on in the world and/or our personal lives that feels threatening to our safety, several things tend to happen.

Our minds get involved with intrusive, catastrophic thinking. We are worried about what has happened and what could be next. This is part of our protective mechanism and is common to all humans. Anxiety and stress increase. Our muscles tighten as we brace for the worst.

Relaxing our body helps to balance that contraction and release some of the worry. Our breath is a powerful tool to help us calm our whole system. We have a built-in mechanism, our Relaxation Response, that activates when we breathe out at least six seconds. Try it now. Take a few longer, deep exhalations and let your forehead, jaw, neck and shoulders soften.

Our system puts us into yellow or red alert at times like these. Take a break from the outside world. Nourish yourself through a relaxing practice. By the end, you will be more resilient and capable of handling your life and situation.

(23 min)
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