It simply doesn’t matter if you are studying in school or higher degree program. Students are assigned with the challenging and dreadful assignments to evaluate the learning from their coursework. These assignments also help to develop a better understanding of the subjects. The assignment consists of writing activities especially in the form of case studies, research papers, questionnaires, reports, and essays. These assignments serve a great purpose in improving the academic writing skills of the students along with their critical thinking skills. The assignments assigned these days are relatively harder than the previous academic task which enables a student to research and explore several theories and concepts. The assignments encourage a student to make challenging arguments in their research work to make it more appealing for the readers. The performance in these assignments has a direct impact on the grades of the students. Therefore, the teacher expects students to execute a flawless assignment having unique and original content. However, completing several assignments at a time tends to be much more challenging. Sometimes these challenges include troubling the students with writing skills, researching skills, lack of practice, poor content, low confidence or poor self-esteem. Therefore a student may look for Dissertation Help to get the job done for them resolving all their issues. Otherwise, they may continue their struggle for writing. Understanding all the issues that students have to face, we have explained the top five difficulties that a student face while writing an assignment;
  1. Lack of Professional Language: An assignment is assigned to a student to check the knowledge of the subject and the writing skills of the student. An effective assignment is the one that makes a proper logical flow of arguments. An assignment should be executed with proper research and factual content with impressive writing. To persuade the readers it is highly required from student to write assignment free of grammatical error, misplaced punctuation, and incorrect sentence structure.
  • Subject knowledge: Assignment is the task that always daunts the students if assigned by the teacher at any level. The most common trouble that student face and complaints about not knowing what to write in the assignment. They become short of content at the time of writing the dissertation. It is because of the lack of subject-matter knowledge of the topic assigned to them. Therefore, while writing a dissertation it is required to focus on studying the topic vastly, it is important to develop new ideas and understand the concepts better about the topic to write impeccable assignments.
  • Formatting the correct way: Formatting includes in one of the factors that students usually ignore easily. Formatting an assignment wrong adversely affects the marks of the students. Therefore, it is important to focus on presenting the assignment in the correct way. An assignment should be written and formatted according to the instruction of the teacher. A student should write the chapter or section of the assignment from the introduction to references in an organized manner. A student should be highly focused on writing the assignment taking care of word count, paragraph spacing, referencing style and page number editing. An assignment should not look like an eyesore rather it should be beautifully represented that it instantly impresses your teacher to score you nicely.
  • Referencing: While writing any assignment a student is required to research in-depth about a subject or a topic assigned. Student often attempts the mistake of adding information from the other sources in the same format but fails to mention the exact sources or links. To maintain the authenticity in the assignment the students are required to write an assignment with proper references. These references should be give3n at the end of the assignment to let others know that you have supported the topic and arguments with authentic sources. The referencing style differs from one another, therefore it is important to ensure that you write the correct references with the correct format according to the instruction of your teacher.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the topmost issue find among the student while writing an assignment. When you prepare an assignment, it is natural that you would gather information from various sources. As you include that information in your assignment a need to reference the same arises. Many universities prescribe a referencing style to the students and they are required to work according to that format itself. Sometimes students do not understand the importance of referencing and skip this part. They are often unaware of the referencing styles and face difficulties in this task. Students need to understand that referencing authenticates their work.


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